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Unboxing Geek Fuel’s Mystery Box For June 2017 – Get $3 Off!!

by Amanda Straight
Geek Fuel June

Geek Fuel is a subscription service that sends you a Monthly Mystery Box filled with everything you need to feed your geeky lifestyle. Each box contains an exclusive t-shirt, collectibles, and toys plus a downloadable Steam game. You can get the box reviewed in this article until the end of the month for $24.90 (including shipping). You can also choose a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription to get your boxes at discounted rates. Not too shabby when you consider that each box is valued at $50, minimum! On top of that, you can use our link to Geek Fuel’s website and get $3 dollars off your plan!

Finding a package from Geek Fuel on my doorstep has definitely become a bright spot in my month. Not knowing the contents of the package makes it all the more fun, but I have certainly come to expect it will be amazing. Check out the contents of this month’s box to see if you agree! You can also check out my previous reviews, as well.

Every box includes a handy card describing the items that come inside it. Geek Fuel doesn’t generally do themes with their boxes, but I think the “Blast from the Past” on the card alludes to one this month with the throwback items included.

But mostly, the “Blast from the Past” refers to the first item I pulled out of the box. Its psychedelic packaging was irresistible.

The reasoning for the phrase became clear when I pulled out a replica Sports Almanac to the one in Back to the Future.

Another phrase, “you can’t judge a book by its cover,” is also very relevant for this item. It’s actually a journal! It’s a perfect cover to keep out prying eyes. Or if you don’t keep a journal (like me), it’s another notebook. I can always use another notebook.

An issue of Geek Fuel Magazine is always included each month, and this month stars Wonder Woman.

The notorious female superhero has recently earned a lot of attention with the release of her movie, but the magazine includes a neat article that highlights her past. 

The exclusive shirt this month features Space Invaders and is totally retro and awesome. It makes me want to embrace my geek completely and head to the arcade.

If you don’t know Geek Fuel’s Mascot, it’s a charming little robot on tracks and always has a pin that is styled after it included in each mystery box. They are always a lot of fun, but this month’s is by far my favorite. The packaging is awesome and is a great replica of the covers found on Super Nintendo games. Talk about throwback! This package mimics Super Mario Kart.

I got Luigi who, in my opinion, is the superior Mario Bro.

You can also get Mario, Peach, Yoshi, Toad, or the rare Bowser variant. I love that each hold an item from the game.

I was feeling especially reminiscent and felt the need to include my copy of the game in a picture.

Okay, I don’t know a whole lot about Spider-Man beyond the multiple movie series, but this poster makes me want to learn more about him since I don’t recognize half the characters on it. I love the colorful art by Dave Perillo. There’s an interesting article about his work in the magazine.

Collector’s items are frequent additions to Geek Fuel boxes, and I’m especially fond of this month’s. It’s a baby Groot plush! There’s also a possibility to get a Rocket version which is also adorable. If you’re a fan of Mopeez plushes, then this is a good start toward getting the Marvel collection.

Last but not least, every month includes a Steam game. This month’s is Deponia, and it looks like one for my fellow adventure game fans.

That being said, the adventure looks a little goofy. The object is to help your character, Rufus, escape his dump of a home and head for the land of the rich. You can check out a trailer below.

Geek Fuel really outdid themselves this month. I absolutely loved the retro feel to this box, and the packaging was phenomenal. Believe me when I say that’s the norm for their monthly mystery boxes. If you like this box, you can still get it till the end of the month! And if you’re all in, you can purchase a subscription. Either way, don’t forget to use this link and save $3!!

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