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TV Shows We Wish Would Hurry Up And Come Back

            Eventually, you hit a point in summer where you are sick of the heat, sick of your job (or lack of a job), and generally sick of summer. At times like these, all you really want is to kick back, watch TV and think about fictional problems. The real problem? Everything is on hiatus. Here are the shows we wish were on this summer (contains some spoilers):

Doctor Who

             Day of the Doctor was fun and all, but we haven’t had proper weekly Doctor Who for over a year now. Not to mention we still know annoyingly little about the new Doctor. Our timey wimey detectors cannot go ding because there is no stuff. Surely something has tried to destroy humanity by now. So that needs to come back. Soon. Now. Now is better, let’s go with that.


            The He-Ate-Us is particularly painful because it won’t even be over at the end of the summer. So with the exception of Hannibal, the cast is going to be caught in Schrodinger’s blood pool for another six months. Anyone could be dead! Is Will dead? Did Alana break her neck? Did Will save Abigail? Is Scully actually evil? Did Chilton actually die? We didn’t see a body. We just don’t know. Thanks, Brian Fuller.

Parks and Recreation

             It’s the last great NBC comedy left at this point and there are only thirteen more episodes before Pawnee leaves us. It won’t ever really be gone though. There will probably be syndicated reruns on for decades to come.


            God only knows when this will be back. They say 2015 and that would be great, but at this point I’m just going to assume that either Martin Freeman or Benedict Cumberbatch will get whisked away by Hollywood in the next couple months and we’ll get season four in late 2050.

Game of Thrones

            Although it’s not coming back for a while, we already can’t stop theorizing about how they’re going to handle the next two books and it’s not going to stop until we definitively know. It’s going to be maddening. We need it to come back for mental health reasons.


            The last season’s cliffhanger was cheap, but they could go new and interesting places with it if they try. They probably won’t. In all likelihood, the show will come back in right where it left off and Castle will jump into frame and hand Beckett a coffee within the first five minutes. Either way, we can at least look forward to more murder mysteries and that’s really all we ask.


            This show is still on. For some reason, we still want to watch it. This is its last season, which is a surprise. I assumed they would probably just keep it on indefinitely and people would still tune in each week to say “this show hasn’t been good since season five, why am I still watching this?” Really, that’s the mystery Sam and Dean should be looking into: why do we all still want to watch this show? It’s…not natural.


            Six seasons and a movie! I am cautiously excited that Community will live on. I am enthusiastic enough to want to watch the next season as soon as possible, but afraid that won’t live up to the usual Community standard. Let’s face it, after Don Glover left, the show took a sharp downturn. And who watches TV on Yahoo? Apparently us, now.

Walking Dead

In true Walking Dead fashion, last season’s finale left us with Rick becoming even MORE of a badass in yet another impossible situation. Cliffhanger doesn’t even begin to describe the feelings about this one and fall can’t come soon enough!

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  1. Avatar rubyangel says:

    Jensen Ackles playing Demon Dean is the only reason I’ll watch Supernatural again. His Mark of Cain storyline is also the reason I started watching the last half of S9. The way the show continuously underutilizes Ackles is amazing to me. He’s the best actor on that show (probably the whole CW), yet in recent years he’s been reduced to standing around looking handsome and worried for Sam and bird butt. That’s a waste of his talent. Speaking of waste, that angel arc should have ended years ago.

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