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Turning Your Podcast Into A TV Show: A Handy Guide

Podcasts aren’t exactly a new form of media, but it is an avenue that has really blown up and become very mainstream over the past few years. The fact there are so many different types of podcasts out there, focusing on a wide array of topics, has helped to draw listeners in and keep them coming back for more. So, what happens if you’ve managed to successfully break into the world of podcasts and have now amassed a sizeable following? The time may have come for you to start looking at branching out, exploring new avenues, and looking for ways to expand your brand.

One route you may want to consider is to turn your podcast into a TV show. If you’ve already built an impressive audience, transitioning to a TV show may be the next logical step. But what are the steps you need to take in order to pursue this next goal in a successful manner? Here’s a guide on how you can turn your podcast into a TV show.

Find Inspiration and Ideas in Those Who Have Managed to Do It

A good place to start is by looking at real-life examples of podcasts that have successfully transitioned into TV shows. There are a number that have done it, such as Alice Isn’t Dead, The Black Tapes, Lore, and Limetown. Then there are those who didn’t change their podcast into a TV show exactly but they were given deals to develop their own TV shows thanks to their success on the digital platform.

Figure Out What the Premise of the TV Show Will Be

The next step is to give serious thought to what your TV show will be about. Is it just going to be another arm of the podcast – an extension if you will, or do you want to do something totally different and unrelated? As mentioned above, your clout and success on the digital platform can be enough to act as the launch pad and give you some creative freedom in the process. 

Where Can Viewers Find Your Show?

The next thing to think about is the platform you will air your content on. Chances are you haven’t scored a development deal with a big television network, so now it’s up to you to put the wheels in motion. Streaming services are offering people a viable way to get their content seen and get it out there. What’s great about streaming services is that it can give you access to a bigger audience than a traditional network.

Be sure to check out Red Bee Media as an option when it comes to branded broadcast-quality streaming services. This white label OTT platform is secure and boasts low latency live streaming for creators. You can tap into a big audience, and your content comes across smoothly and professionally. You’ll be able to monetise your content and own your customer data, which puts you in control of your future.

Ask for Viewer Feedback

If your podcast has achieved a lot of success, ask your viewers where they see your output heading next. Run some ideas past your most loyal followers and see if there is a demand for new content on new platforms. Your success is predicated on your fans, so if they are willing to support a new venture, this is a huge plus. 

Realize Success on a New Platform

While it may seem like you’ve hit the height of success in your podcast, there’s no reason to stop reaching for your goals. Turning that podcast into a TV show could be the next milestone you achieve.

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