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Try Out Maxthon Browser for Android

Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer today command 84.5% of the browser market worldwide. About a dozen or so browsers fight for the remaining share of 15.5%. Maxthon, a cloud-based browser is one of them. Let’s find out what sets it apart.


Maxthon started off as a pet project by Jeff Chen way back in 2002, Maxthon now boasts 120 million users running it in over 150 countries across the world. It was the first browser to introduce ‘tabbed browsing’, and has brought along tons of useful features of users ever since.


The Android browser market is home to even more intense competition. Maxthon’s recently released an update to its Android variant. Apart from promising the industry’s best performance on an Android device, the browser also brings together many user-centric features that make browsing a whole lot easier. Gesture-based controls allow for switching between tabs, opening, closing, and reopening tabs.

Maxthon being a cloud browser, it allows allows you to save your tabs and sessions to the cloud. These can then be accessed on other devices running Maxthon, similar to Chrome. Maxthon however, goes a step further, allowing you to upload and store your personal files to a free cloud storage account from any of devices. The best past? Unlimited storage.


Other handy tools include a Night Viewing mode, which dims the brightness while you browse, and an Ad Blocker – which does what it says rather satisfactorily. A separate dock lists shortcuts to favorites and other websites for quick access.

We’re committed to providing users an out of the box experience localized to their needs, by finding just the right mix of features for them. – Karl Mattson, VP, Maxthon.

Memory consumption is well managed. I’ve been running Chrome on my HTC for a long time now, and despite my familiarity and high level of comfort with it, I found myself opening Maxthon more often due to its quick load times and less resource consumption. Maxthon runs noticeably fast.

The browser also promises great security and privacy protection. All of Maxthon’s data is encrypted using the AES 256 standard. Additionally, the browser claims it doesn’t harvest any personally identifiable user information either.

We invest a lot of engineering resources in protecting our users’ privacy – Karl Mattson.

Exciting Future Updates

Maxthon has a lot more to offer in its future releases. Karl Mattson, Vice President of Maxthon, says that his team is working on bringing the browser to Windows Phone soon. The future updates also promise a further increase in speeds – almost 4 times the current download speeds.

The company is also very optimistic about growth in the Android market. The company is also engaging with a manufacturer in a deal which may have the Maxthon browser shipping in over a 100 million Android smartphones.

The Maxthon Browser enjoys an incredible rating of 4.7/5 on the Google Play Store, and has been downloaded about 5 million times. Download it for your Android device here.