Tritton kunai mobile headset

Tritton Kunai Mobile Headset Review

As most of you probably already know, Tritton has quickly become a leader in gaming peripherals, particularly in the headset department. Here at Geek Insider, we have had the opportunity to review several of Tritton’s Kunai line of headsets, and each time, we have been thoroughly impressed at the sound and manufacturing quality of the headsets, which also have an unusually low price point. Since, we have had the chance to get our hands on the Tritton Kunai Mobile Headset, which is made specifically for mobile use as well as console and PC gaming.

Tritton kunai mobile headset for gaming



  • Cable Length: 3.9ft/1.2m
  • Speaker Diameter: 40mm
  • Magnet Type: Neodymium
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz–20kHz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <1%
  • Resistance: 16 ohms
  • Audio Input Types: 3.5mm

Tritton kunai mobile headset

In The Box

  • Kunai Stereo Headset with In-line Audio Controller Featuring Integrated Microphone
  • 2 Additional Sets of Interchangeable Speaker Tags
  • Informational Leaflet
  • Tritton Stickers

Tritton kunai mobile headset


In-Line Controls –  The Kunai Mobile, when used with compatible products, is able to be controlled via a conveniently located in-line control bar that includes volume buttons and a standard pin-hole microphone for use during gaming or phone calls.

90 Degree Swivel Ear Cups – The ear cups on the Kunai Mobile swivel 90 degrees to accommodate the neck-resting position of the headset, comfortably. When swiveled, the headset can be placed around the neck with the ear cups laying face down to avoid bumping your chin or neck in an uncomfortable way.

Memory Foam Ear Cup Cushion –   The padding on each ear cup is made from buttery-soft memory foam that conforms to the shape of the wearers ear, providing maximum comfort.

Adjustable Headband – The Tritton Kunai Mobile’s headband adjusts easily to fit just about any head size, from small to large. The headband can be adjusted to fit by gently tugging each ear cup downward to expand the headband, or pushing them upward to shrink it.

Interchangeable Ear Cup Tags – This Kunai Model came along with several magnetic ear cup tags that allow for a customizable look. The tags easily click in and out of place and can be changes as little or as often as the user might like.

Compatibility – Although the inline controls will only operate with specific products (generally Apple products, as this is a mobile headset), the 3.5mm audio input allows this headset to be used widely with various computers, tablets, phones, and consoles.

Tritton kunai mobile headset


Function Meets Price

We all know that some hardcore gamers are willing to drop a paycheck on whatever the top of the line peripheral might be at any given time. Some of us, however, might not have that luxury, especially when shopping around for a simple, yet functional, headset for a mobile device that may or may not even include gaming at all. Luckily, Tritton has stepped up to the plate and provided a headset that is both very affordable, and very well executed.

We used the Kunai Mobile with an iPhone 4S and were pleasantly surprised. The sound quality for music and applications was better than average and the headset itself was very comfortable and easy to wear for an extended period of time. Given the nature and design of the headset, it was expected that the sound quality might suffer significantly or sound shallow and flat, but this was not the case at all.  The inline controls worked well (although the are a little awkwardly placed for the sake of  microphone function), and the microphone functioned perfectly for phone calls and Skype Voice Chat sessions.

The overall design of the headset is sleek and convenient for easy portability (although not as easy as a pair of ear-buds). We found them great for tucking into a purse or backpack without taking up much space.

At $79.99, we were impressed at what the Kunai Mobile has to offer at such a low price point. There are those who might argue our stance, saying that 80 bucks for a mobile headset is ridiculous, however, try as you might, there are very few lower priced units that are attached to a well known brand such as Tritton. Additionally, any lower priced and you are bound to be sacrificing comfort and sound quality, which, in our opinion, is just not worth sacrificing.