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Incredible 3-D Printing Accomplishments

I’ve never seen a 3-D printer in person, but I can imagine that having one around 24/7 could be pretty awesome. There are mixed reviews online regarding home 3-D printers and whether they are worth the moola or not, but let’s pretend for a second that they are and cover the reasons and average person could benefit from such a high tech gadget.


For all of the designers and wannabe designers out there, a 3-d printing device can be either a perfect business tool or imagination churning machine. With the right designs, these printers can put together almost anything you can think of. All plastic, of course. But there’s nothing wrong with a nice plastic vase or pair of earrings. Maybe the future of home decor are the likes of plastic printers. Print your own dining-wear, picture frames and even salt and pepper shakers. Designers have already begun to sell shoes and clothing printed from these devices. Bikini’s built from hundreds of plastic loops and coils for the summer months and scarves to block the winter chill. There are possibilities at every corner as long as you have the patience and funds.

Medical and Dental

The possibility of a 3-d printed retainer or set of dentures may not sound so far fetched, but how about a working human liver? We don’t have too much information quite yet, and the actual use of such a thing is still years away, but ideas like this are being studied and developed every day. If at some point our own bodies will be aided by lab printed material (Repo Men, anyone?) what could technology possibly have in store for us?

Modern Practicality

Back here in the present, home and business 3-d printers are providing more than trinkets and toys for children. Big kid toys like this 3-D printed guitar have been made, as well. Impressive and practical.




From the music industry to photography, this designer and photographer actually printed their own lens to work with. When the time comes for the average joe to be able to afford machinery like this, just imagine what we will be able to produce. Maybe an entire working camera, as well as the detachable lenses.

And then, there is Urbee 2. A mostly 3-d printed car that the designers and producers plan on driving across the country for it’s maiden road trip in the near future. I never would have expected that the printed car would come around before the hover-vehicle, but here we are. While most of us haven’t even upgraded to battery powered or fuel efficiency, these guys are designing and printing their own vehicles.


I can’t even imagine owning a printer large enough to create car parts, but if I had one of the home printers I think I could put it to good use. Missing kitchen utensils, remote controls and bobby pins could be replaced in the blink of an eye.

My apartment would be scattered with candles and little plastic gnomes. What a life.

But, until then most of us will have to deal with drooling over then accomplishments of others until 3-d printers become a little more accessible. Sure, the filament itself isn’t too expensive, but the lovely little machine can cost anywhere from $999 to $3,000.

I want one of these little buggers and am simply in awe of the super cool things they can do. Big and small, the world of 3-d printing keeps producing interesting and life-changing experiments. Now, where is that hover craft? Or some sort of teleportation device? Cause we are stepping into the future, my friends. Maybe not as slowly as it may seem.