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Transitioning Between Generations: PS3 to PS4

What Do We Lose and What Do We Gain?

With the release of the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One, we move from one generation of gaming to another. But how is that transition between the two going? At the moment, at least from the perspective of a Sony Gamer, its a little shaky but can only get better from here. One way to really gauge the difference between the two systems is to compare the better/best games of each system. For PS4 I will be using Infamous Second Son and the Last of Us will be representing the PS3.

The PS3 and The Last of Us

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, transitioning between generations: ps3 to ps4, gaming

Naughty Dog has released a lot of great games on the PS3: The Uncharted Series and the crown jewel of the PS3: The Last of Us. This game was heralded by multiple gaming websites and magazines as a wonderful narrative and intriguing characters. After I had finished this game, I had experience so many emotions and feelings and definitely agreed that this game was truly the most immersing and fun game I’d ever played on the PS3. The presentation and graphics were beautiful, the story was well paced and touching and the gameplay was new and always kept me interested. This game had rather large areas, but they were kept into specific seasons or chapters. Still never the less the characters of Joel and Ellie evolved and changed over time. Now we move onto the PS4.

The PS4 and Infamous: Second Son

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, transitioning between generations: ps3 to ps4, gaming

So far is seems that Sucker Punch’s Infamous Second Son is probably the best PS4 exclusive game available. As a huge fan of the Infamous series I will say that I definitely was not disappointed with this new installation in the series. This game had a wonderful open world area of Seattle and the main character Delsin, the main charecter who is a conduit (beings with superpowers) goes through a whole bunch of transformation (either Good or Evil depending on what path you choose) however the story and the other characters have potential which isn’t fully harnessed in this game. The story feels a bit fragmented and a little nonsensical (when it comes to the actions of some of the characters) and specific other conduits like Fetch and Eugene have a lot of potential but they sadly aren’t really focused on once you’ve either influenced them to good or evil. However the enhanced processing power of the PS4 allowed a huge area like Seattle to be almost recreated and the graphics on this game, not surprisingly, are very beautiful. It seems that story and characters were traded in for enhanced graphics and processing power. The question is will this be a permanent situation for the PS4? My answer is that it hopefully isn’t. In my opinionĀ Infamous: Second Son is the transition game and that future games on the PS4, many of which will hopefully have more information released during this year’s E3, likeĀ The Order: 1886 and Dragon Age: Inquisition have the ability to combine the story from games like Last of Us and the graphic beauty of Infamous: Second Son. Last of Us will also eventually come to PS4 this winter, so until we see the games of the future, I have hope that PS4 games will evolve and become a wonder fusion of harnessing the PS4’s processing power and strong story and characters.