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Top Five Gifts for Potterheads This Holiday Season


It’s the Holiday season! And quite obviously, all of you would be frantically looking for gifts to give to the special people in your life. Well, if you have any Harry Potter fans close to you, I’m here to make the job for you easier!

Here’s a list of five most amazing gifts for Potterheads that I could think of (which are also pretty affordable). So if you have a Potterhead girlfriend to impress, or a best friend who’s a Potter-maniac, be sure to gift them one of these! Unless you can afford an all-expenses paid trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Then gift them that.

The Deathly Hallows Pendant

Deathly_hallow_necklace, gifts for potterheadFor everyone who loves jewelry and pendants, this is the perfect gift. The pendant consists of the three deathly hallows: The Elder Wand, The Cloak of Invisibility, and The Resurrection Stone, exactly like they are shown in the books. Any Potterhead would be delighted to be gifted this exquisite piece of jewelry! Have a look at it here.

Hogwarts Acceptance Letter

Hogwarts_acceptance_letter, gifts for potterhead

This one is my favourites! Now, what Harry Potter geek wouldn’t be thrilled upon receiving an Acceptance Letter from Hogwarts? Personally, it has been my dream to receive an owl someday, with this letter addressed to me. Go on, send this letter to the Potterhead in your life, informing them about their acceptance to The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 

Harry Potter T-shirts

Hogwarts_alumni, harry potter tshirt, gifts for potterheads

For anyone who prefers to be gifted with clothing, Harry Potter t-shirts are the perfect Holiday presents. The shirt up there stole my heart. Here’s another one of my favourites. Better still, you can order customized t-shirts online, with your favourite quotes from the series. How cool is that!?

Additional Harry Potter Books

Quidditch through the ages, the tales of beedle the bard, gifts for potterheads

Rowling released these books as an extension of the series. These books, which form a vital part of the Harry Potter fandom, are sure to be cherished by anyone who is a Potterhead. Needless to say, they are a pretty amazing Holiday present. Don’t forget to make sure that they are the hardback versions! That’ll make your Potterhead loved ones even happier.

The Wand Collection

Harry potter wands, universal studios, harry potter, potterheads, gifts for harry potter fans, stocking stuffers, holiday gift for potterheads

Now this is something extremely unique. Wands, as any Potterhead would know, are the most vital part of the whole series. Quite literally, wizards are nothing without their wands. At the beginning of their term at Hogwarts, they get their own wand made from the Diagon Alley and the wand is equivalent to their identity. A wand is what sets a wizard apart from the others. So naturally, they make for an awesome gift for any HP maniac. Universal Studios sells the amazing Harry Potter wands shown above. 

So go ahead and gift the wizards in your life these awesome gifts that they will cherish for their lifetime. Thank the heavens that your boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend/sibling is a Potterhead. Your life just became so much easier!

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