Top 5 Tools That Can Boost Your SEO Performance

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Tools can make everything easy for humans. When it comes to SEO and digital marketing, there is a bay of tools available. But which tool is the best? Beginners always ask the same question again and again. All the tools can be beneficial if they are used efficiently. 

But here we are with the complete guide for the top 5 tools that can boost your SEO performance. 

Doing everything manually takes a lot of time. Also, there is a lack of accuracy in results when you do everything manually. Tools make your SEO strategy cost-effective, accurate and less time-consuming. So it is very important to know about the top SEO tools available out there in the market. Here we are with the complete list of tools that most of the SEO Company in India using. Going through this list will help you choose the best tool for your SEO strategy. 

Importance of SEO Tools

When you know the importance of SEO tools, you will efficiently use the tools. Are you aware of the importance of SEO tools? No matter what your SEO strategy, tools are always helpful and important. Without using all the tools you can’t compete with others. Following are some important factors that make SEO tools more important. 

  • SEO tools can save time for you. 
  • Paid SEO tools are way cheaper than doing everything manually. So they are cost-effective also. 
  • Tools give you accurate results. 
  • SEO tools can automate things in your SEO strategy. 

Five Tools That Can Boost SEO Performance

Following are tools that can boost SEO performance for you. No matter if these tools sound alien to you. We will explain everything about these tools. From features to pros and cons, everything will be explained. 


One of the most popular tools used in digital marketing. Not only for SEO but for complete online marketing campaigns, Ahrefs is the best tool. The exciting features that this tool has made it possible for us to keep it at number one in the list. Most beginners think that it is just an SEO keyword research tool. But in reality, this tool can do a lot of things for digital marketers. This tool can help you in SEO analysis, crawling, indexing, bug fixing, SEO audits, and all. These features are enough to run a successful SEO campaign. 


Marketing is more important in this arena. SEMRush is the best tool if you want your brand to be focused more on branding. SEMRush has exciting marketing features. Generating analytical reports with more accurate data is the best feature of this tool. 


MOZ Pro is a great tool with a high level of customer support system. The best feature of this tool is automation. You can get automated keyword recommendations from this tool. It makes it easy for the newcomers to run an SEO campaign. 

Google Search Console

An authentic and free tool is available for every website. Google search console also helps you generate proper reports. You can simply analyze everything on your site using Google Search Console. 

KW Finder

Everything in an SEO campaign depends upon the keywords. Keywords are not just simple search queries that you have to stuff in your content. There are a lot of things to know about keywords. There are long-tail keywords, competition, PPC, CTR, LSI keywords, etc. The KW Finder tool helps you know everything efficiently. 

Tips To Use SEO Tools

  • You need knowledge and expertise to use SEO tools. 
  • Some tools are easy to use, but still you need to be familiar with its features. 
  • Choose a tool that is affordable for your SEO budget. 
  • Never buy all the similar tools, it can exceed your budget.  
  • Choose an SEO tool for you wisely.  
  • Rather than getting different tools, find an all-in-one tool for you. 
  • Use a trial version of an SEO tool before buying the premium version. 
  • Learn how to use the tool before you buy it from the publisher.
  • Figure out your requirements, goals, and vision before you buy an SEO tool. 


None of these tools is the only best tool. All the tools have different features along with pros and cons. So it depends upon the digital marketers or SEO executives which tool they choose for them. Keep in mind your requirements and goals while choosing a tool. You need to research and analyse a little about your goals and requirements. When your goal is clear, you will find the best tool for you. Also, keep in mind the budget that you have for SEO strategy. 

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