Top 5 Steve Jobs Video Moments

It’s been 2.5 years since Jobs left Apple, but the tech giant is still remembered because of him more than anything else. From the Macintosh, the iPod and iTunes, to the iPhone and iPad, there is no denying Steve Jobs has left a permanent impact on the way we live life. Many wonder if Apple will ever be the same again without him. As the LATimes said on his demise, Steve jobs “transformed one industry after another, from computers and smartphones to music and movies.”

Top 5 steve jobs video moments

As Apple gears up for yet another iPhone launch without its iconic leader in the coming months, here’s our pick of the top 5 most memorable moments of Steve Jobs:

The first ever iPod launch – 2001

The device that changed the music industry forever – Steve Jobs gave us the first ever iPod in 2001. Even though extremely bulky and under-powered by today’s standards, 5GB of memory in a 20mm thick device was revolutionary back then. And music has never been the same. The launch was followed by the opening of the first Apple retail store, and cemented Jobs’ reputation as a master orator.


iPhone 4 fail – 2010

The iPhone 4 ran into connectivity issues during its launch at WWDC 2010.


The 1984 advert launch – 1983

Watch Steve Jobs launch the Macintosh computer (and take on IBM)  along with Apple’s “1984” advertisement. Widely regarded as a masterpiece and the most memorable television commercial of all time, the advert went on to win 7 awards. The best part? It was only broadcast ONCE.



Stanford Graduation Speech – 2005

Steve Jobs’ inspirational speech at Stanford where he talks about his life, his fight with cancer, and his future goals.



iPhone launch – 2007

My personal favourite – his charisma during this launch is unparalleled. The iPhone was way ahead of its time – notice the crowd’s astonished reaction when Jobs demonstrates scrolling through contacts by swiping his fingers. Again – a product that changed an entire industry – the smartphone industry.



One More Thing

In typical Steve Jobs fashion, here’s a bonus video.
I’m not a fan of tablets. With Jobs showcasing yet another industry-changing product here, this video deserves a spot on this list:

What is your most memorable Steve Jobs moment ?