Top 5 Reasons Why We Love the New Facebook iPhone App

With the latest updates to the Facebook iPhone app, you can now record video and voice; then blast it out to anyone you like. You can even use your iPhone camera with this app and send video clips and other still images. Facebooks iPhone app can be used for personal use and professional use as well. This is one powerful app, and we got 5 reasons why we love it!

Top 5 reasons facebook iphone app

1. For Entertainment

We will get started with the personal stuff, there is no doubt that Voice recording and video sharing apps in your iPhone, keeps you well entertained for hours on end.

2. Easy to Use

Every iPhone user is likely to find the video sharing and voice
recording incredibly easy to use. Instantly share videos with friends or family; or record your own voice and send it as a message.

3. Great for the professional or Business

Besides being exciting and amusing, your Facebook iPhone app can be extremely helpful, by making the professional or busines owner more productive and dynamic. You can use the voice recording feature to maintain a record of important business meetings for future reference. And, with its video sharing capability, you get to share your ideas, opinions, and thoughts. You can use the app for better results in all your personal and professional endeavors.

4. Staying Connected no Matter What

Some of us just can’t live without Facebook, and with this app you stay connected no matter what! If you’re stuck in a traffic jam, waiting at the airport, or standing in a long queue, Facebook iPhone app has got you covered.

5. Promoting your Business

A majority of business leaders are aware of the effectiveness of iPhone apps to increase their sales and enjoy greater revenues. You can attract plenty of new customers by utilizing advanced Facebook iPhone apps in your business venture. These functional apps serve as a modern way to introduce your business project to the market.

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Furthermore, you can conveniently form a brand image of your company by utilizing video sharing iPhone apps. A business can really increase profits and promote services by using some specific features of the Facebook iPhone app. It can employ video sharing apps to advertise its products and services and build its brand image as well.

Check out Facebooks new and improved app, share a video, record your own voice, build your business and most of all have fun!