LED Lenser F1 Flashlight Review

When purchasing a tactical flashlight, it needs to be just right. It has to be compact, lightweight, easy to carry, and of course, bright. After reviewing the LED Lenser F1, I can’t imagine ever using another flashlight. Ever. Whether you are stumbling out into the yard to walk your dog, or you are a first responder who needs a luminous, reliable flashlight multiple times a night, every night; the LED Lenser F1 will fit the bill for policeman, handy-man, or regular Joe.



This incredible little flashlight has a long list of unusual spec that make it unique and exceptional:

  • High End Power LED Lamp
  • Length: 3.6 inches
  • Weight: 2.43 ounces
  • (1) CR123 (3v) Battery
  • Max: 400 Lumens, Min: 60 Lumens (Adjustable Brightness)
  • Waterproof (IPX8)
  • HA III Anodizing with Military Standard
  • Electronic Control with Temperature Sensor
  • Tail Stand
  • Integrated Roll Protection
  • Interchangeable Glass-Breaking Ring

Exceptional Features and Functionality

When I received my LED Lenser F1 in the mail, the first thing I did was tear into the box, pop the included battery into the housing and click it on…while looking into the LED lamps. After the spots dissipated, I got to work testing what I already knew to be an insanely bright flashlight.

First, I hid out in my basement. After shutting off all the lights, I crept around behind boxes, flashing the LED Lenser F1 on the walls, ceiling and wherever else I could think to shine it. I was incredibly impressed at the brightness of the LED lamps. My almost-2000 square ft. basement was lit up like the fourth of July with the F1 as the only light source.  It is definitely the brightest flashlight I have ever used (especially for its extremely small size) and it puts my 18 inch long Mag Light to shame.

Of course, after my basement escapade, the thought occurred to me that this is a tactical flashlight. I need to find a way to get down and dirty with this light to see how well it holds up. Unfortunately, the writer in me reminded myself that the dirtiest thing I do all day is make a turkey sandwich. I knew I was going to need help. Who better to call than a contractor and home-builder who spends most of his time under houses and in crawl spaces, combating mud and dirt.

I dropped the LED Lenser F1 off with him for a few days to let him put it to the test. After using the flashlight on a daily basis on the job, here is what Troy Clem of Clem Construction and Restoration had to say:

I love the compact design and the lightweight feel of this flashlight! It is great on the job because it is very bright, the brightest I have ever seen,  and the beam doesn’t fan out or fade when used from a distance. It brightly lit up my target over 70 yards away, without loosing power or fading. It held up well under the stress of everyday use and the batteries are cheap and easily accessible. I absolutely love the adjustable brightness feature for the times when you need a dimmer light but do not want to carry around multiple flashlights. I would recommend the LED Lenser F1 to all of my associates and I would definitely purchase one for myself.


After being put through all of the rigors I could think of, this little flashlight still came out on top! When we were all finished reviewing the LED Lenser F1 for brightness, I decided to test a few of its other advertised features! I poured myself a nice tall glass of water and dropped the flashlight into it, lamp first, while it was turned on. The LED lights never so much as flickered during the entire 2 minute submersion test. If that doesn’t convince you that this flashlight is the real deal, nothing will!

The Bottom Line

If my glowing (no pun intended) review hasn’t clued you in already, I think this product is amazing. The LED Lenser F1 is by far the most powerful flashlight I have ever used, especially for it’s size. It is everything the manufacturer promises it to be, and more! Not only is it powerful, but the flashlight is truly lightweight and exceptionally compact. It really can go anywhere! After having used it myself and receiving a professional opinion as well, I am convinced that this is one of the best flashlights on the market.