Top 10 Useful Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

In the fast-paced lifestyle that this micro-blogging site has given us, the average user may have an edge by knowing these Twitter keyboard shortcuts that can save time and effort.

Using Twitter is the lazy man’s best friend since it only has a limited character count, you, for example, do not need to exert much effort into typing a lot of words. Sometimes, some users even forget common grammar and spelling while using Twitter since they communicate using text speak instead. For the love of all that is adorably geeky, please do not use text speak in Twitter. (Do nt typ lyk dis.)

Twitter keyboard
Help yourself with these Twitter keyboard shortcuts!

If you want to save more time and more effort than the usual, then, go ahead and familiarize yourself with these Twitter keyboard shortcuts. Additionally, by knowing these Twitter keyboard tricks, you can even browse through Twitter without even the aid of a mouse! Here they are: 

1. GF (Favorites)

No, this does not mean girl friends. I’m assuming this means “get favorites” so if you want to check out whether or not you managed to favorite your lost lover’s tweet for you, go ahead and try this shortcut now.

2. Space bar (Page Down)

Instead of scrolling endlessly and suffering your gadget hanging up on you, why don’t you use this Twitter keyboard shortcut instead?

3. Shift + Space bar (Page Up)

Who would have known that just by adding shift, you can actually go the opposite direction?

4. / (Search)

You can use this to instantly jump to the search box, so wherever Twitter part you are, you can instantly hit up “/” and search away!

5. . (To load new tweets)

Have you ever had that experience wherein you are just browsing through your Twitter feed and laughing at some of your friend’s jokes, when, boom! Something happens and then you’re faced with the notification of “3 new tweets”? This is alarming, isn’t it? However, you do not need to panic, my friend. You can just hit up the period sign and those new tweets will be loaded instantly. Woah, thank your lucky stars for this Twitter keyboard shortcut!

6. n (Compose new tweet)

Yes, that’s right. You don’t need to click on that obscure Twitter quill icon just to tell all your followers about the grand feast you and your family had during reunion. You can just hit n and feel good about it.

7. j (Move to the next tweet)

J usually stands for “jump” so make this your reminder for you to click on it and jump on the next tweets. Typing “J” moves you down your Twitter feed since it redirects you from the newest to the oldest.

8. k (Move to the previous tweet)

You can’t forget about this one! Seriously, J and K are commonly used for Just Kidding. Use k as the Twitter keyboard shortcut for moving upwards (oldest to the newest). Keep on moving upwards!

9. Tab + Enter (Sends the tweet that you just composed)

If you want your tweet to be published, just type “tab” and then “enter”. You would feel much more awesome and fulfilled this way.

10. ? (Opens the Twitter keyboard shortcut menu)

Hey, if ever you forget all about these Twitter keyboard shortcuts, just hit “?” and all your questions will be answered accordingly.

But then again, isn’t memorizing all these aforementioned Twitter keyboard shortcuts more fun? Or maybe it’s just me?

Do you use these smart shortcuts? Let us know so we can trade notes!

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  1. These are amazing tips. I am using twitter from long time but never knw about these shortcuts..

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