Nexus 4 - front

T-Mobile Offering Nexus 4 for Free

Nexus 4 for free

Even though this might be difficult to believe; however keep in mind we have actually seen first hand some Nexus 4 sales with T-Mobile. It dropped the price of the phone to $200 at first, and then $50 with a 2-year contract. Although, now the carrier has gone forward and made it even more cheap. In plain words’ T-Mobile is now offering the Nexus 4 for free with a 2-year contract and mail in rebate.

Nexus 4 - front

2 years with Nexus 4? Do you see a problem?

The only catch here is the 2-year contract that happens to be normal with carrier phones. It would still be a better deal to buy the Nexus 4 directly from Google play store for $350, but if you feel comfortable knowing that it will be with you for the next two years, then it’s probably a great deal for you.
T-Mobile is only offering the Nexus 4 free for this week, so order one as soon as possible. You can only order it online as this is a Web-only offer.

Get it while it lasts

No matter where you get your Nexus 4 from, be it Google play store or T-Mobile, you’ll get the same device with quad core 1.5ghz processor, 4.7″ display, 8 megapixel rear camera and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OS. It’s a Nexus device so there’s no need to mention that it runs stock Android OS, and receives the latest updates before any other device out there.

Here’s a pro tip if you’re thinking of purchasing the phone from T-Mobile:

Get the phone for free from T-Mobile, then change your plan to a Value Plan. You’ll still have a 2 year agreement and T-Mobile will make you pay a $200 “migration fee”, but your monthly cost will drop $20/month saving you $480 over the course of 2 years and your phone was only $200 instead of $350. See, if you do it right, it could prove to be a better deal.

Let us know if the above tip works for you. Have you ever tried this method before?