Tim Cook May Not Have Sued Samsung

As of late, it seems like Samsung has been coming up on top in its legal battles with Apple. Recently, we heard that Apple was unsuccessful at an attempt to ban the sales of the Galaxy Nexus. Although, at this point both Apple and Samsung’s legal fiasco has evolved into an incurable disease. This might not have happened in the first place if someone else would have been in charge at Apple.

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Rumors: Tim Cook Not in Favor Of Suing Samsung

Recently rumors are circulating the world wide web, courtesy of Reuters, who have reported on the matter based on people’s knowledge; people who are actually pretty familiar with the matter. The bottom line is Tim Cook was not in favor of suing Samsung. His reasons included the relationship between the Korean giant and Apple in terms of hardware. Samsung actually provides hardware for both iPhone and iPad, last year Apple purchased $8 billion worth of hardware from Samsung. So, in retrospect, it seems Tim Cook really had a point there not to sue their supplier.

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Apple Still Must Rely on Samsung

Although, there are certain issues that have weakened the relationship between the two companies. According to reports, Apple has considered switching to TSMC processors, but they still have to rely on Samsung for memory; simply because the Korean Giant is the best in that area.

It all makes sense because we know how Steve Jobs wanted to spend each penny to destroy Android and his “Thermonuclear” war on Android. Although on the other hand, the new head of Apple, Tim Cook has taken a new approach by commenting on how competition is better for everyone, as it makes everything good. We know both companies are suing each other, lawsuit after lawsuit, but just out of curiosity how do you think it would have been if Tim Cook were the head of Apple instead of Steve Jobs?

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