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The Perfect Destination for your Next Geek Vacation

Walt Disney World’s four theme parks welcome a combined average of approximately one hundred fifty-three thousand people per day. Universal Islands of Adventure can make any geek feel the long-awaited joy and excitement of a child at Disneyland. Whether you are a Marvel Superhero geek, or a die-hard Harry Potter super fan, Universal Islands of Adventure is the perfect destination for your next road trip. The theme parks include thrilling rollercoasters, 3D interactive rides, hundreds of shopping, dining and touring destinations as well as all of your favorite superheroes, villains and movie characters circling the parks for photo ops on ATVs.

Arriving at Universal Islands of Adventure

Before you hit the road, even if your vehicle is regularly maintained, checking all the fluids and doing a quick walk around to inspect for leaks helps prevent car trouble along the way. When you finally make it to Universal Islands of Adventure you will be overcome with excitement. You won’t know where to park your car because you won’t be able to decide where to enter and begin your adventure, but don’t worry, there is no wrong choice, and you can even travel all around the park on the Hogwarts Express! Some of the most fun and exciting places you will visit are Marvel Island and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, according to Christa Thompson.

Marvel Island

Marvel Island is a place where you and your friends can hop on rides, explore, shop comic book stores, eat and drink, and even meet your favourite superheroes and villains. Two of the biggest attractions are the Incredible Hulk Rollercoaster and The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man. The Hulk rollercoaster is sure to get your heart rate up and the blood rushing to your head with its high-speed upside-down flips and turns. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man is sure to impress your whole crew with its interactive, motion-based, simulated narrative. Spoiler Alert: you and your friends will follow Spidey along on one of his adventures and even help him save the day! One of the newest attractions is a nighttime light show that illuminates Hogwarts Castle from all around the park, the perfect way to end your day at Universal.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is similarly filled with rides and adventures. A three-dimensional interactive ride through Hogwarts Castle, a trip down Diagon Alley, Gringotts Bank, Hogsmeade and Ollivanders Wand Shop are just some of the highlights of a trip through Universal’s recreation of the wonderful wizarding world. If you don’t make it to The Wizarding World in the near future, Dragon’s challenge, a double-sided, intertwined coaster will soon be replaced by another 3D interactive ride that will bring you closer than ever to Harry Potter and his friends. The specifics of the ride have not yet been released; however, it has been speculated by many, including Amanda Kondolojy, that it will bring to life Rowling’s newest adaptation, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

When you plan your next road trip to Universal Islands of Adventure be sure to have your vehicle inspected, even if you are only travelling a few hours away. There is nothing like car trouble to ruin an otherwise exciting adventure, and safety is the first step to ensuring a fun trip for you and your friends and family. While you are there, be sure to introduce yourself to your favorite Marvel superheroes and Harry Potter characters, you won’t regret seeing and meeting your favourite characters brought to life on this geek trip of a lifetime.

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