The Mandalorian Season 2

Baby yoda and mandalorian season 2

Here’s what is going on with Mandalorian Season 2

Yes, it is not the greatest of times right now and many people are hunkered down and taking cover from the COVID-19 storm. Star Wars fans may are keeping themselves busy with the slew of Star Wars material on Disney +. Fans are waiting for the Mandalorian Season 2 to arrive but can still catch up with the movies that are present on Disney + right now. Of course, there’s buzz around the The Clone Wars. You’ll still have to wait quite a bit for the The Mandalorian to come back. It is supposed to be here in about seven months. You’re going to have to wait sometime to get your fresh baby yoda fix.

Disney has kept the news about the latest release of the Mandalorian under wraps.

We should expect to see the Mandalorian back by the Fall of 2020, according to Jon Favreau. For those that are out of the loop, he’s the executive producer of the show. The prior Chief Executive Officer of the Disney noted that it will likely release on October 2020. But remember that many movies and shows in production are quite likely witness a slow down due to the coronavirus. The release may still take place in the fall but might delay a bit more closer to the winter. There’s no confirmation as of yet, so we will have to wait and see.

Remember Mandalorian Season One

The first season ended in a blaze of glory. We know that there’s much for the mandalorian to do as he’s got to fight the stormtroopers that are ravaging his world while saving the baby yoda and keep him safe. The Mandalorian clan is decimated for the most part and the Armorer has got to preserve what is left.

We also realize that Mando and the baby yoda will be be closer than before as they are now officially a team, thanks to the Aromer. Now, Mando is on a huge mission, he’s got to bring baby yoda home, he’s got to take him back to where he belongs. He’s going to be uncomfortable as he faces more obstacles and challenges but he’s got to stay prepared.

I don’t think we see the end of Giancarlo Esposito, I think his presence in the set in just getting started.

Practice Patience

You’ll get to watch the latest season of the Mandalorian soon enough. Meanwhile, you can check out the first season of The Mandalorian and classics such as A New Hope to The Rise of Skywalker on Disney Plus.

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