‘The Girl with All the Gifts’ Movie Trailer Released

The girl with all the gifts movie trailer released

The girl with all the gifts movie trailer released

I’ll say it: I’m tired of zombie movies. I’m tired of zombie TV. I’m tired of zombie books. It is going to take something truly impressive to make me care about anything zombie related. I think The Girl with All the Gifts might have what it takes.

The trailer begins with a girl in orange being wheeled into a room full of other children strapped into wheelchairs. These children are treated as monsters by all but one woman, who treats them like children. The result is that they love her. That love saves her when she is attacked. A girl saves her. The girl is considered a monster, but can she truly be a monster if she loves so freely? They believe she is the cure to the problem, but what must be done for her to save them? Zombie movies are usually either vehicles for violence or stories about how humans fight the monsters. This one is neither. It is a story about the monsters, but it questions what truly makes a monster. If done well, this movie could very well redeem zombie movies.

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