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The Best Sales Automation Tools that Can Generate More Leads

Automated lead generation tools are best known for increasing productivity and generating more qualified sales leads for businesses. It is why business owners are always on the lookout for the best tools that hit the market, given that their revenue generation is at stake.

However, because there are so many tools to choose from, it can prove confusing to try to find the ideal tool for your business. Find the following best sales Automation tools that will help you generate more leads for your company this season:



The AeroLeads is a powerful web-based prospect and lead generation tool that was first introduced in the market in 2015. The tool is very suitable for finding qualified contact details for important persons and companies from all over the world. What this tool does is allow you to add in email addresses and contact IDs of prospect in three simple steps, simply by enabling the Google Chrome plugin.

Once you correctly input the data, the lead management page lets you filter and sort out the information as per your preference. Besides, the AeroLeads serves as the perfect tool because it integrates with other phenomenal tools like sales Force, Mail chimp, Hub Spot, to mention a few.


In owning and running a business, a lot of decision-making goes into place. Some of the decisions vital to the success of a company are those of understanding the niche market and finding ways to target them with your messages. The moment you get it wrong at the niche market, you are on the downward trend, especially in the very competitive digital space.

That said, the Growbots is an automated lead generating tool in the sense that it chooses the best prospects for you to target with your messages. Ideally, it crawls a database of more than 200 million contacts and sorts out the ones that are best suited for your niche. From here, you can swiftly get on to get in touch with them, and even make follow-ups automatically. Besides, you can test a few things here and there to verify the best approaches you could use for that specific prospect market you are targeting.



Marketo is a marketing automation software that makes it amazingly easy and convenient for marketers to interact with customers and sale prospects. In a sense, it is a tool that could help you strategize and execute all your marketing functions, including product branding, advertising, sales pipeline strategy, among others. The tool is ideally a digital marketing solution for business owners looking to have measurable and improved outcomes as regards sales and lead generation.



Buffer is one of the best ways for companies to keep their social media interactions in check. Do you know how you sometimes get too busy with other essential errands for your company that you forget to keep up with your social audience? The truth is, you cannot do everything at the same time, but technology can help ease the baggage. The Buffer tool allows you to share and schedule posts on social media. This is the best approach particularly for business owners with multiple business social accounts, say in all three of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Since your online presence and activity is an ideal way to drive qualified traffic to your website, it makes Buffer an automation lead generating tool useful for all business owners.


Similar to the Buffer tool, the Hoot Suite is an Automation tool that will help you generate more leads on your website through social media. It allows you to manage all your social media interactions on one dashboard, with automated schedules to help minimize your workload. With it, you can even use the best keyword ranking tracker to find excellent keywords that will befit all your social media posts. Ideally, tools that provide you leeway to operate conveniently and effectively on different social media platforms allow you more opportunities to close deals with prospects, which is good news for all business owners.

Running a business can be cumbersome without the aid of tools, technology, and even the workforce, to get things done. However, with all those tools mentioned above, it is hard for you to fail on your digital endeavors concerning running a successful venture.


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