The Best Niches to Start Today to Earn a $100,000


Through its disruption of niches and general economic activities, social gatherings, and lifestyle events, the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has wreaked havoc throughout the world.

This is especially true for the United States, where the pandemic has only grown in terms of its effects and cases alike. For some, their regular employment avenues have taken a hit. For others, the need to adjust to a work from home (WFH) lifestyle has only driven up their expenses further.

That is why it has become essential for everyone to find safe and reliable income opportunities that could stay sustainable in the face of social distancing measures. 

Whether you are trying to start a side gig or starting your own venture, the following niche ideas can help you earn $100,000 from your desk. You don’t always have to have a Shopify store  or jump directly into e-commerce to start to have some traction and gain income opportunities. There’s a variety of other ways to get started online. By choosing specific subjects and finding your place in the field, you can easily generate your aspired income. And if you’re into Pure Barre and you’re thinking of owning your own studio, you can tap Amy Mewborn regarding the costs and the things to expect when you start having your own Pure Barre studio.

What Does a Niche Really Mean?

Before you dive into the following niche ideas, it’s important to understand exactly what the term means for effective income generation. 

Simply put, a niche site or a niche blog refers to a website that caters to a specific audience or topic. This audience could be segmented by their demographic, hobbies, interests, or area; whereas, the topic can be differentiated by its overall subject and related discussions.

For instance, if you want to run a niche site in the fashion sector, you don’t necessarily have to write about all pieces of clothing on God’s green Earth. Instead, you find a specific subcategory or niche to write about sustainable clothes, athleisure wear, or formal wear. 

From there, you can get your niche site to generate income by displaying ads through different publishers, integrating affiliate marketing links from other websites, and even selling your own products to your visitors. 

The approach is definitely not a walk in the park, otherwise everyone would go and do it. But if you play your cards right, you can easily obtain a significant amount of traffic that can trickle in sufficient revenue for you. Wait, not easily but slowly and surely.

To help you get started, here are the best niches to start on in order to earn $100,000. 

1. Parenting Niche

It may seem like a very basic idea, but parenting blogs are actually quite popular in their niche. From those with large families to those with just a newborn, this topic can cater to a large variety of parents. It largely appeals to those who are looking to get tips, ideas, and tales of shared experiences from someone who knows what they are doing. 

Getting into the parenting niche can be competitive and needs some work. However, once you find your voice and appeal to people who listen to your advice and parenting style, you can build a noticeable following. You can then start generating income through ads, marketed products, or other referrals. 

2. Knitting Niche

The knitting community is one of the most underrated yet most passionate sectors of the web. While hiding in plain sight, this group of internet users has already breached the realms of mainstream news, entertainment references, as well as digital games. 

Whether it is about selling crocheted pieces or suggesting crafting tips, this particular branch of DIY stands tall among other categories. When you generate content based on unique advice, materials, or even knitting patterns, it can strike a chord with those who can’t get enough of this hobby. With the help of social media platforms such as Pinterest, you can easily amass a following that’s enough to generate some income for you.

Don’t sleep on knitting.

3. Health and Fitness Niches

Even while being a broader category, health and fitness is a significant revenue generator for those who know what they are doing with their words. Starting a health and fitness niche website is easy. But it is critical that you choose a subcategory or specific topic that can set you apart from others. 

For instance, if you are comfortable, you can write about a condition that you have firsthand experience of living with – in the past or present. If you don’t want to go all out on medical jargon, you can choose a topic such as general fitness and share your journey with others. By choosing specific subjects and finding your place in the field, you can easily generate your aspired income. 

4. Finance and Savings Niches

This is yet another popular and highly sought after sector of niche blogging. If you are business savvy or have a penchant for investment, you can easily appeal to those who are looking for financial advice. This includes single parents, married couples, and even college students who are trying to manage their money responsibly. 

By offering suggestions and tips that differ from the dry language of typical financial platforms, you can establish a connection with your required audience. But offering advice on funding and savings doesn’t mean that it stays free of opportunities. You can offer various referral links through affiliate programs that help you drive up the cash to your own account.

5. Home Decor and Design Niches

Whether you are an expert in Bohemian chic or a master of sophisticated allure, you can put your interior design skills to good use in order to start a home decor niche site. This particular segment requires some work. As such, your ideas not only need to be fresh, but also have to be practical. 

As long as your design perspective translates well into the real world, you can ensure to get the most out of it. Much like other popular niche sites, this category is also quite crowded. But it gives you access to various affiliate programs and home decor items that you can share with your audience through links and ads.

Side Hustle Niche

This is a popular topic since everyone likes to have extra money monthly, and the freelance market is getting bigger. You can write about online jobs, part-time jobs, and business ideas. Jobs don’t have to stick only to the internet, but ideas like a pet sitter, Uber driver, or Amazon Flex Driver. You can analyze how much payment people can earn with a particular side hustle, as people like numbers. For example, using Amazon Flex Bot software as an Amazon delivery driver gives you more work within the same shift. The goal of the software is to be quick and efficient. It automatically means more money for you and hopefully good tips.”

How to Obtain Traffic for Your Niche Site?

Starting a niche site that appeals to a particular audience is not difficult. However, it is important that you know how to drive traffic to it. By focusing on subcategories or popular niches from broader categories, you can improve your chances of getting more exposure to specific audiences. 

From there, you can employ internet marketing activities such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click (PPC), and social media marketing to drive traffic to your site. This ensures that you can obtain full benefits out of your niche blogging efforts.

Remember that it is all about having fun while pursuing a niche that you are interested in. You must have your voice, style, and value that you bring to your audience that they appreciate. This helps you have a great time while helping others.

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