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The Best Devices for Online Gaming

It used to be that you had to visit a land-based casino to get a game of Blackjack or Roulette or to spin on some slots, but this industry has evolved over time along with mobile technology to now allow you to enjoy some of your favourite casino games on the go. Being chained to a desktop computer is no longer a challenge, however with such advanced technology – it can be difficult to determine what the best model of Smartphone is for gaming. There are so many to choose from, so it can become a bit of a daunting process – particularly if you are choosing to go into a contract with a provider. We’ve listed some of our recommendations below so you can enjoy a top-class mobile casino experience.

iPhone XS

People tend to have polarised views on iOS devices, you either love them or you hate them. However, irrespective of whether or not you are an Apple product fan – rest assured they are one of the best Smartphones for playing on mobile casinos. Due to the popularity and accessibility of these devices – there’s no doubt that casinos favour these in their development. In fact, there are some brands that offer apps exclusively for iOS users. The iPhone XS is the most sophisticated iOS model to date and has great attributes for online gaming. It has a 5.8-inch screen – and its high resolution will allow the graphics and animations of the casino and slot games really come to life. It also has a much better battery life than its predecessors which means that you will be able to play for longer.

Samsung Galaxy S9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 also comes with a 5.8-inch screen, and with the curved edges it makes it perfect for an online casino gamer, as it fits nicely in your hand. This is perfect if you are on a long train journey and taking part in a competitive slot tournament! Another attribute of this is that it also boasts Samsung’s Infinity Display. You will notice that you can’t really see where the screen ends and the edges begin which makes for a more immersive gaming experience. If you are a fan of bright and vibrant slot games, this is a great option as the screen gets incredibly bright which emphasises those colours. It’s sharper than it’s previous editions with 570 pixels per inch. If you are in it for the long haul and like to spend a good few hours on your favourite online casino site like the incredibly popular Stakers Casino whose site is available on every platform, you will also be happy to know that the screen doesn’t get too warm when you have been playing for a while making it more comfortable.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The most noticeable benefit of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for online gamers is that is has a big screen that is 6.4-inches. Although you might at first worry it’s a little clunky – it allows you to see the slot and casino games how they are meant to be seen. You will notice that all of the buttons are easy to access making everything simple in terms of functionality, playing on your mobile is all about convenience. What many people don’t know about the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (even the owners) – is that the default resolution is 2,220×1080 for preservation of battery – however you can manually change this to 2,960×1,440 to make things even sharper. Complete with the edge-to-edge screen experience, the games will appear life like. For those of you who like to hear the sound effects of casino and slot games – there are loud stereo complete with a headphone jack which is something that we can take for granted, but not all Smartphones have this feature.

LG V40 ThinQ

The main thing that sets apart the LG V40 from its predecessors is its improved camera, which doesn’t mean much to people who will be using it for casino fans or online gamers, but it does have other fantastic benefits. Comfort is paramount in this phone, with the glass screen curving right to the edges. This makes it easy to hold and play your favourite games. The V40 has a bigger screen than any of the prior models manufactured by LG. It is 6.4-inches and has a fantastic resolution of 3,120×1,440. Games on this phone look incredibly sharp and vibrant. The feature of the Boombox Feature on the LG V40 makes the sound louder – which is good for those of you who are a fan of the sound effects that come with casino games.

Things to Look out For

These are the Smartphone’s that we would recommend – but in case you have a preference for any other makes and models – below are a few things that you should look out for if a main purpose is going to be online gaming of any kind:

    • Screen size. Depending on the games you like, you might want a larger screen to be more immersed in the experience. It should be big enough to enjoy the games, but not so big that it is clunky and awkward to carry.
    • Resolution. The graphics and animations on casino games these days are fantastic – so not something that you would want to miss out on.
    • Headphone jack. To be fully-immersed in your online casino experience – you may want to listen to the sound-effects. If you are in public, you would need to plug your earphones in so make sure there’s a headphone jack.

Mobile casinos are becoming incredibly popular alongside esports – and Smartphone developers are taking this into consideration when they are creating new and improved models. This means not only is your casino experience more convenient – but you can expect the same quality as you would on your desktop. These days a phone is more than just something you make a call with, and let’s face it can be a bit on the expensive side so are an investment. Make sure you choose wisely.


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