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The Advantages and Challenges of E-Learning

Over the last few years we have seen the e-learning industry boom. 

Offering affordable education options that teach you how to do practically anything imaginable, online courses are suddenly being considered a viable alternative to a traditional college education.

But, before committing to an online education, it is important to consider both sides of the argument — which brings us to the topic of today’s article.

The advantages and challenges of e-learning.

Advantages of E-Learning

When it comes to online learning, there are some key advantages that traditional education simply cannot compete with.

  1. Cost

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Arguably the biggest pro that comes with e-learning relates to cost — or rather, the lack of cost.

These courses are not run in brick and mortar buildings. They don’t have a need for classrooms, libraries, or computer pools. As a result, their overheads are practically non-existent.

Which means the cost to run the course is less, becoming cheaper for you.

I should also note that most good e-courses provide all the educational content needed as part of their whole package. As such, there is no need to invest in any expensive (and arguably unnecessary) textbooks.

All of which results in a quality education for a fraction of the cost of a traditional college degree.

  1. Variety

When it comes to more traditional means of education, most of the courses are also traditional in nature. 

But with e-learning you can take a course on literally anything.

You want to learn how to get better at expressing your emotions? Awesome, there is a course for that. You want to improve your ability to communicate with your friends and family? We have you covered.

You suck at time management?

You know there is a course for that.

When it comes to online learning you can explore your options and find a course that meets your needs. It could be a hobby you have always wanted to pursue, or something that you need to do to improve your online business (Shopify Compass is a must here).

The point is, with e-learning there is a level of variety that simply cannot be obtained via traditional learning.

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