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Tesla and GM Partner On Charging Stations

Tesla has made headlines again, this time, because it is working with the automaker General Motors to simplify and amplify EV infrastructure. Here is what you need to know about this collaboration that should be a positive for electric vehicle enthusiasts.

GM To Follow Ford Motors in Partnering with Tesla

A variety of publications have reported on a groundbreaking partnership between General Motors (GM) and Tesla on access to Tesla’s electric vehicle (EV) charging network, aiming to enhance the EV infrastructure and promote the adoption of electric cars. The collaboration will bring together the expertise of both companies to create a seamless charging experience for their customers.

A Simple Standard

The collaboration will benefit GM as it will enable GM electric vehicle car owners to access Tesla charging networks. Tesla will benefit as it will see more utilization of its charging network. GM EV owners can benefit from the partnership with a simple adapter and using a mobile application.

GM, similar to Ford, will start to implement NACS instead of CCS, a different type of charging standarding, into its vehicles to simplify and further standardize charging after 2025.

This is significant as it helps to show Tesla leadership in this sector. This leadership can translate into further value for the company and help to boost the company’s valuation.

Cost Savings

A key factor in this relationship is cost savings. Sure, it can help increase convenience as EV owners can have access to established EV charging infrastructure. At the same time, it is important to note that building out EV charging infrastructure is expensive. It can be in the best interest of automanufacturers to collaborate in this regard to minimize overall costs.

Potential To Increase Sales

Further convenience in something as critical as charging can translate into more EV conversions. As we are all aware, many individuals have concerns with range anxiety. They don’t want to be stranded somewhere because they could not get to a charging station. Partnerships like this help to solve this anxiety.

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