‘evil’ is among us

‘Evil’ is Among Us

While at Wizard World Austin this past weekend, I happened upon an unexpected treat. The local CBS affiliate, KEYE, held a screening for an episode of the new series Evil, and of course with a name like that, I just had to check it out. When we settled into the room and heard we’d be…

Recap: wizard world austin 2019

Recap: Wizard World Austin 2019

A super busy weekend in Austin may have attributed greatly to the turnout for this year’s Comic Con from Wizard World, but it was still a great time for all that attended. The Texas Longhorns were playing a home game (which they won, woot woot) and apparently there were several different festivals around town for…

Countdown to wizard world austin

Countdown to Wizard World Austin

As someone inherently trepidatious of crowds, there are significantly few events in this world that I look forward to. Let’s face it, being in a wheelchair at a concert or sporting event just plain sucks ass. However, Comic Cons are a completely different breed of crowd and with the Austin Wizard World convention starting Nov….