5 apps you should have on your smartphone right now

5 Apps You Should Have on Your Smartphone Right Now

With just a handful of apps, your smartphone can make your life far more convenient. Whether you’re looking for ways to save money, be more productive, or enjoy high-quality entertainment on the go, great apps make it happen. Here are five you’ll never want to be without again. Enlight If you’re an iOS user, then…

Viber with video calling now on windows and mac

Viber with Video Calling Now on Windows and Mac

Viber, the cross-platform messaging and voIP app, has rolled out too many goodies all at once. The app now supports video calling. A new update pushed recently sports a new UI on its Android version. Viber Media has made significant changes to the look and feel of the app. Even better – it’s now available…

Security Flaw in Viber: Full Access to your Phone

Viber user? Your phone is at serious risk. A security flaw has been exposed in the popular voice-calling app that allows full access to your smartphone, bypassing any lock or security feature that you may have enabled on the device. Viber is a VoIP app available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry, known for…

Viber for blackberry now has voice support

Viber for Blackberry now has Voice Support

Viber for Blackberry has finally rolled out its lauded voice-calling feature. After years of waiting, users can now call other Viber users for free. Viber Media, the app’s parent company, had promised back in January that it had been testing voice support on its app, and that voice-calling capability would hit Blackberry smartphones by April….

Top 5 messenger apps for android

Top 5 Messenger Apps for Android

If you’re fed up with Standard Messaging Service (SMS) then you’re probably looking for an alternative that’s instant and secure, and of course reasonably priced as well. If you are looking for the alternatives then today we bring you the top 5 Messenger apps for Android. All you need to do is download any one…