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Easter egg ufo hunt: silent hill’s hidden endings

Easter Egg UFO Hunt: Silent Hill’s Hidden Endings

Well, yesterday was Easter: a time to celebrate Jesus and also find some eggs or something.  If this were a religious website, I’d write some stuff about the holiday in detail, but since it’s not, let’s discuss Easter’s most important geeky contribution: the Easter Egg.   Easter eggs in video games have been around since…

66 years later, google doodle commorates ufo crash

66 Years Later, Google Doodle Commorates UFO Crash

An alien vessel has crashed in Roswell, New Mexico! No, this isn’t 1947 in rural America, it’s a Google Doodle! Who would have thought that 66 years later, the Roswell UFO incident would be famous enough to earn itself one of the best Google Doodles yet? Well, probably everyone. For those who don’t know, a…