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U.S. Navy Indicates Never Before Seen UFO Footage Cannot Be Released to the Public

If the mention of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) or unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) plays The X-Files theme in your mind, you might be delighted to hear that unseen footage of UFOs might currently rest with the U.S. Navy. 

But before you get all too excited, you may also want to learn that the Navy has decided not to release this unseen footage of UAP due to possible threats to national security. 

The findings came to light when The Black Vault, a website that has dedicated itself to declassifying government information regarding UFOs, filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for unseen UFO/UAP footage. 

In response to this FOIA request, a Navy spokesperson wrote that the requested UAP footage could not be declassified since it could “harm national security.” The spokesperson further explained that releasing the footage could expose the vulnerabilities or capabilities of national security agencies. 

This news can either be taken with a grain of salt or with the fervor of unveiling something much bigger. It is because this acts as a callback to April 2020, when multiple UAP videos were first leaked on the internet before officially being declassified by the Navy

While the footage only showed a UAP flying in strange ways, it was fodder enough for space enthusiasts to claim it as a breakthrough. However, after trending on the internet for a couple of days, the event was forgotten in the fashion of a short-lived meme. 

Afterwards, The Black Vault doubled down on its efforts to declassify any further unseen footage of UFOs. This most recent denial to declassify unseen footage of UAP was a part of this quest. 

While this particular FOIA request was filed in April 2020, it was answered only now. That too with a statement that denies the request, while seemingly confirming that more footage exists where UFOs/UAP can be seen. 

For now, the news has not hit major outlets. Instead, it is circulating on niche websites as well as online influencer accounts. However, it does provide food for thought on exactly what type of UFOs or UAP roam around in the sky above.

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