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Uber lets drivers set the rates…in california

Uber Lets Drivers Set the Rates…in California

Uber and Independent Contractor Concessions Uber tested a feature in California that lets some drivers set their respective rates for distances traveled. It was a pilot test around California airports. This test came as a response to the latest regulation AB5, a new California law that makes it complicated to classify Uber drivers as independent…

What you need to know about the uber copter

What You need To Know about the Uber Copter

The Uber Copter Lets You Live Like A Billionaire  Did you know Uber is working on a service called Uber Elevate or it’s been working on it for a while now? Uber Elevate is an Uber program that will take Uber to skies and democratize air transport. It’s a new service and will undoubtedly have…

Are uber’s aggressive recruiting tactics legal?

Are Uber’s Aggressive Recruiting Tactics Legal?

Businesses vie for bucks. The larger the amount, the better off they are. But in the business world, the saying “all’s fair in love and war” does not apply. Uber, a taxi company that has branches in many corners of the world, is in hot water after an Uber contractor confirmed with news publication The…