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Top 5 geekiest courses offered in college

Top 5 Geekiest Courses Offered in College

What makes college so great is how often you’ll find random, geeky courses to take. Many students pay so much in tuition that it makes sense that our fellow geeks get a say in what kind of courses should be taken in class. It makes taking the tough classes not seem so bad when they’re…

Books to read between the classes and the chaos

Books to Read Between the Classes and the Chaos

For the students out there who just finished their first week of classes, or for the working professional continuously struggling at their daily grind–this is for you. 15 minute break between classes? There’s a book for that. Half an hour lunch break? There’s also a book for that. As someone who consumes books like popcorn…

Geeky back-to-school shopping guide

Geeky Back-to-School Shopping Guide

School is quickly approaching and it’s time to start shopping! For Middle School and High School students, there’s no better way to show your geekiness than through your school supplies. For a college kid, it’s all about your dorm room. Purchasing the novelty items that us geeks love so much can be expensive, so we did…

5 fiction books that should be read in schools

5 Fiction Books That Should Be Read In Schools

When you ask people about books they read in school you’re likely to get some disgusted faces and hear the word “hate” tossed around more than a few times. Worse, they will tell you they didn’t actually read the books or don’t use services like to save time for reading. For most people the…

5 geeky tips for surviving a boring class

5 Geeky Tips For Surviving A Boring Class

Everyone’s been in one of those classes: the teacher or professor reads straight from the textbook, offering no new information to keep you engaged or necessitate note-taking. Their irritating, monotone voice manages to suck the remaining life out of the already dry material, and their lifeless eyes make you glad you’re not going into teaching….