5 fiction books we should be reading in schools (that students will actually like)

5 Fiction Books We Should Be Reading In Schools (That Students Will Actually Like)

When you ask people about books they read in school you’re likely to get some disgusted faces and hear the word “hate” tossed around more than a few times. Worse, they will tell you they didn’t actually read the books or don’t use services like essaywriter.today to save time for reading. For most people the…

5 geeky tips for surviving a boring class

5 Geeky Tips For Surviving A Boring Class

Everyone’s been in one of those classes: the teacher or professor reads straight from the textbook, offering no new information to keep you engaged or necessitate note-taking. Their irritating, monotone voice manages to suck the remaining life out of the already dry material, and their lifeless eyes make you glad you’re not going into teaching….