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The itunes $0. 99 movie of the week: ‘lady bird’

The iTunes $0.99 Movie of the Week: ‘Lady Bird’

Every week, the folks at iTunes find a movie they like and make it available to rent for the low, low price of $0.99. I’m here to tell you whether that film is worth your hard-earned dollar. This week, Greta Gerwig takes to the wilds of suburban Sacramento for the teen dramedy Lady Bird. Some People…

Oscar nominations 2018: the complete list

Oscar Nominations 2018: The Complete List

Nominations for the 90th annual Academy Awards were announced yesterday morning, which made my Twitter feed a lot of fun: John said I can’t talk shit about any nominated movies so I will simply say Get Out and I,Tonya should win everything also one of the highly nominated movies sucks — christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) January…

Lady bird: the film that broke rotten tomatoes

Lady Bird: The Film That Broke Rotten Tomatoes

Lady Bird hit theaters November 3, and hit film rating website Rotten Tomatoes with a shock as well. The film that broke Rotten Tomatoes with a fresh score of 100% has critics raving. “Lady Bird is the rare movie that manages to be affectionate, entertaining, hilarious, witty, and confident; it’s one of the best films…