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Are smart homes destined to leave us vulnerable?

Are Smart Homes Destined to Leave Us Vulnerable?

Smart homes are definitely a jewel in the crown of Geeks everywhere and they are helping to simplify lives and open doors that were only dreamed of not so long ago. With the ability to actually speak to our homes and have basic tasks completed automatically, millions of consumers are flocking to these tech wonders….

Sponsored: the internet of things in numbers and scope

Sponsored: The Internet of Things in Numbers and Scope

We are now well into the 21st century and used to having fast broadband, streaming video and social networking; seemingly out of nowhere the Internet of Things (IoT) has entered our lives. The technology paradigm feels like an unstoppable force, almost a whirlwind of change, with the potential to significantly alter how we live, work…

How the internet of things will change the farming industry

How the Internet of Things Will Change the Farming Industry

The potential of the “Internet of Things” or IoT has been heavily hyped over the past year or two, with promises of a future filled with flying cars, smart homes and personal robots. As network speeds and efficiency improve along with the advent of 5G, it’s thought that technology will explode with new devices that…

‘internet of things’ devices: powered by wi-fi

‘Internet of Things’ Devices: Powered by Wi-Fi

We all know that Wi-Fi is pretty ubiquitous. You use it at home, in coffee shops, certain fast food joints, hotels, the list goes on and on. Now imagine a device that foregoes having a battery, and is instead powered by Wi-Fi. Sounds pretty fantastic, right? Well the technology is still in its infancy, but…