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How to create your own geek fashion line

How To Create Your Own Geek Fashion Line

Are you struggling to find geek clothing pieces that you really like? You could always make your own. Creating your t-shirts and accessories is a great way to show off a little of your personality and you will know what no one else will be wearing the same thing. You can even take it a…

Geek fashion: a little minimalist inspiration for your closet

Geek Fashion: A Little Minimalist Inspiration for Your Closet

Every fashion-obsessed person is guilty of it. You all will stand in front of your closet with loads of clothes right before your eyes and you’ll scream to your self, “I have nothing to wear!” Try a minimalist style and discover how easy it is to be stylish, trendy and chic. Why Do We Do…

Spylight: shop fashion from your favorite shows and movies

Spylight: Shop Fashion From Your Favorite Shows and Movies

Fans of Film and Fashion Rejoice I’m sure we can all agree that our favorite characters from the realm of movies and television have some of the most distinct and iconic senses of style, and we wish we could raid their wardrobes on a whim. That is now entirely possible thanks to a website called Spylight….

5 Geek Neckties for the Fashion-Savvy Geek

Wear these geek neckties to work – no one said that geeks had to be boring with style. Besides, more than likely, you work for an awesome tech company, where they will be more than appreciated. If you’re looking for possible solutions to spruce up your boring work routine, get these treasured items. Hey, they’re…