Geek Fashion: A Little Minimalist Inspiration for Your Closet

Minimalist inspiration for your closet

Every fashion-obsessed person is guilty of it. You all will stand in front of your closet with loads of clothes right before your eyes and you’ll scream to your self, “I have nothing to wear!” Try a minimalist style and discover how easy it is to be stylish, trendy and chic.

Why Do We Do This to Ourselves!?

Obviously it’s because you can’t stop shopping. There are trends that die and trends that are born every day. So what you do? You buy, you buy, and you buy. The more you buy, the more clothes start piling up in your closet. You wake up in the morning, and without stepping foot outside that door you’re already stressed by not knowing what to wear. You take the time to figure out what to wear by switching through 5 outfits and all it does is cause you to be late for work.

Consider this scenario: You made a pile of clothes in your closet and gave it to Goodwill or charity. You de-cluttered and minimized your closet to about 10 or 15 pieces. You wake up in the morning already knowing what to wear and you get to work 15 minutes early and your boss gives you a raise.

That last part may not happen so unintentionally but the point is, mornings will get a lot easier and your style will get a lot better and here’s why:

“Less is More”

Ever heard the motto “Less is more”? It’s the phrase that applies to practically all things in life and in this “thing in life” it’s necessary. When it comes to clothes in most people’s lives today, more has definitely been less. Think about how much rummaging you’ve made going through all your clothes trying to find the perfect outfit. So why not try the “less is more” motto for clothes? You’ll be more inclined to find more combinations when you have less clothing. No one will notice that blue top you wore last Monday if you’re pairing it with a nice skirt this Thursday. It forces you to try more creative outfits and to step out of your comfort zone.

“Quality Over Quantity”

According to an article on How to Be Chic and Elegant, French women (arguably the most stylish group of women on the planet) shop with restraint and selectivity. Women of France don’t buy clothes just to buy clothes. When they’ve found something they really love, it’s because there’s quality in it. If you buy fewer articles of clothing, you’ll be saving your money. When you save your money you can buy that BCBG coat you’ve been dying to buy or those Manolo Blahnik shoes that have called your name since the day you laid eyes on them. They’ll last longer and make a bigger statement.

How To Start Closet-Clearing

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It’s not about what to wear in your closet. It’s about how to wear what you have in your closet. Don’t work harder for your clothes. Make your clothes work harder for you. Figure out what you find yourself wearing more in a week than what you wear every 3 months. Think about what you wear when you go out with friends the most, when you go to work, when you go to a special event, and when you go to run errands. When you’ve done that, you toss out the rest. Admit to yourself that most of the clothes you’ve had sitting in your closet won’t ever see the light of day and you’ll be on your way to being a more fashionable, trendier, and chic person than you already are.

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