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Pc: to build or not to build?

PC: To Build or Not to Build?

A good PC is an invaluable asset. it not only can fulfill much of your academic and professional needs, it can bolster the quality of your entertainment. When it comes to getting one, there are two traditional avenues: Buy or build. This article hopes to give you some food for thought in making a decision…

10 reasons why building your own pc is the way to go

10 Reasons Why Building Your Own PC Is The Way To Go

We computer-dwelling folk often weigh convenience over value when it comes to our beloved electronics. Parents groan when their kids point out (again) that the family PC can barely handle five year old games, and underemployed youth cringe at the price tag of gaming desktops that costs more than several months of rent. Many don’t…

Game review: a path of exile for boredom

Game Review: A Path of Exile for Boredom

Out of the many genres of video games on the market, few can deny that Role-Playing Games(RPGs) more naturally garner large followings than other genres. Often the following of such games will last for more than a decade. From Diablo and Dungeon Seige to Ultima Online and World of Warcraft, we as gamers have seen…