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No bbm for android and ios this week

No BBM for Android and iOS This Week

BlackBerry’s much hyped BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) roll out for Android & iOS ended in an anti-climax recently, with the smartphone maker delaying the launch of the Android version. The iOS version suffered too, having being taken off the iOS App Store. Now, the company says BBM won’t be out for the platforms until next week….

Blackberry launches 5 inch z30

BlackBerry Launches 5 inch Z30

BlackBerry has announced it’s biggest phone yet. Called the Z30, the company is describing it as its “fastest and most advanced” phone yet. Blackberry Z30 The BlackBerry Z30 will replace the Z10 as the company’s flagship phone. It is the 4th in the new generation of BlackBerry devices, after the Z10, the Q10, and the…

Bbm coming to android and ios on september 19

BBM Coming to Android and iOS on September 19

BlackBerry has sent out invitations for an event to be held on Wednesday, September 18, and buzz is that the company will be unveiling its popular BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) for iOS and Android. In a statement on Wednesday, the company confirmed that the Android and iOS versions for BBM would launch this Saturday and Sunday…

Bbm for android coming out before september ends

BBM For Android Coming Out Before September Ends

BBM for Android To Debut Fall 2013 Back in the days, before the supremacy of Android, many of my friends owned a Blackberry (I had a stupid Nokia at that time). So, Whenever I asked them about what made Blackberry so cool for them and always, there would be one simple answer, BBM. Yes, the…

Blackberry messenger coming to android & ios

Blackberry Messenger Coming to Android & iOS

Blackberry Messenger is perhaps among the oldest of instant messaging clients. It is also perhaps been a major selling point for Blackberry devices all over the world. Soon though, the exclusivity is going to go away. Blackberry Messenger is now heading to android and iOS. At Blackberry’s annual conference -Blackberry live 2013 – Thorsten Heins,…