Right on target: comics to read if you love ‘arrow’

Right on Target: Comics to Read if You Love ‘Arrow’

Welcome to Opening Panel, a series where we tell you the best place to start with franchise comics. Arrow is back with its sixth season. If you want to flashback to the comics that inspired the show, look no further. Comics Based on the Show There are several series created as tie-ins to the show….

‘dc’s legends of tomorrow’ is spinoff fans have been waiting for

‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’ is Spinoff Fans Have Been Waiting For

Most fans of the CW’s popular superhero shows Arrow and The Flash have enjoyed the Barry/Oliver crossover episodes. Now, the CW is amping up the hype with a new crossover/spinoff show called DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. In this series, the Arrow, the Flash, Firestorm, White (not Black) Canary, Heatwave, Captain Cold, Atom, and the previously unseen…

Two-hour crossover confirmed between ‘the flash’ and ‘arrow’

Two-Hour Crossover Confirmed Between ‘The Flash’ and ‘Arrow’

Fans of the CW’s Arrow are excitedly awaiting the start of the spin-off show The Flash, and will be happy to hear some good news about what next season has in store. Andrew Kresiberg recently confirmed that some of our favorite characters from Arrow will be appearing on The Flash and vice versa. While we…

Former Superman, Brandon Routh, Joins the Cast of Arrow as the Atom

Hey look up on the CW, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…The Atom? The Mighty Made Small In all seriousness, according to a TVLine report, Brandon Routh has been cast to play as Ray Palmer, also known as the super hero, The Atom, to play in the remarkably successful CW series, Arrow.  Heading into…

Comic book television preview: part 1- dc comics

Comic Book Television Preview: Part 1- DC Comics

There are a lot of superhero movies out there. If the over-the-top Guardians of the Galaxy trailer tells us anything, it’s that this trend is just getting started as more obscure properties are about to rub elbows with Captain America and the other big names. But with production schedules and well planned out marketing campaigns,…