Meet leonardo corbucci, creator of cyborgs universe | geek out virtual con 2020

Meet Leonardo Corbucci, Creator of Cyborgs Universe | Geek Out Virtual Con 2020

Leonardo Corbucci’s creation, Cyborgs Universe explores the idea of an evil corporation creating human AI clones to sell as slaves in a modern society. These cyborgs are stronger, faster and smarter than humans and they’ve declared war. The apocalypse has happened and born from this are the Cyborgs, a small group of humans with enhanced…

Meet the team of enfuego entertainment | geek out virtual con 2020

Meet the Team of Enfuego Entertainment | Geek Out Virtual Con 2020

The Dynamic Duo of Eric Smith-Gunn and Pam Meisl-Smith from Enfuego Entertainment is joining Geek Out Virtual Con 2020 on April 11th. Geek Insider had the privilege of sitting down with Eric, Pam, and lead actress, Andrea St. Martine, to talk about their limited series production, HIJAB. The pilot episode is available on Amazon Prime….

Here’s what’s coming to amazon video in march

Here’s What’s Coming to Amazon Video in March

We’ve got some great movies coming to Amazon Video in March. A Man Called Ove, the Academy Award nominated movie based on the international best-selling novel, will be available at the end of March. What We Do in the Shadows and Anthropoid are stand outs as well. Our very own cinephile, Patrick Phillips, reviewed Anthropoid just a month ago and said it was…