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Strategy Heavyweight Jagged Alliance 3 Is Out Now!

Sofia, Bulgaria / Vienna, Austria, July 14th, 2023: Vive la Revolution! Welcome to Jagged Alliance – join us today and free Grand Chien from its oppressors! 

Seize control of the liberation campaign, meticulously craft your strategic approach, recruit your beloved mercenaries, and guide them through thrilling tactical turn-based clashes. Immerse yourself in the ambiance of a captivating 90s action movie, complete with memorable one-liners, nefarious adversaries, and a symphony of bullets filling the air.

Jagged Alliance 3 marks a monumental milestone as Haemimont Games and THQ Nordic proudly present the long-awaited successor to the legendary strategy franchise. 

Here’s what the devs have to say: 
“We jumped at the chance to create a new Jagged Alliance game almost five years ago. We hope that both fans of the originals and newcomers will come to love Jagged Alliance 3 as much as we love the first two games and their unique charm and quirks.” – Boyan Ivanov, Co-Creative Director on Jagged Alliance 3

“I never thought I’d see a true sequel to the JA series, let alone get to work on it, I’m thrilled!” – Ian Currie, Writer on Jagged Alliance 3 & creator of the Jagged Alliance franchise

Check out the launch trailer:
Download the assets:

Jagged Alliance 3 is now available for PC at an SRP of $ 44.99 / € 44.99 / 39.99 £. 

Order here:

All Mercs on Deck! 
Jagged Alliance 3 is fully PLAYABLE on Steam Deck, the game runs perfectly well and smoothly – so get your hands on the Deck and free Grand Chien no matter where you are. 

Release stream with guests 
Tune in to our Twitch stream, this Friday, July 14th at 14:15 PM / 8:15 AM. In celebration of the release, we have a star-studded lineup of guests, including Ian Currie, the brilliant mind behind the franchise, and the renowned streamer AngryJoe. Don’t miss out on the action-packed event streaming live on THQ Nordic’s Twitch Channel.

In case you missed a stream, you can always read all developer diaries here:
… or re-watch the live stream recordings here:

And if you visit our new website, you can browse through all of our Mercs – check it out:

If you want to learn more about the game, make sure to follow on social media or discuss with other fans in the forums or on Discord: 
About Jagged Alliance 3
Grand Chien, a nation of rich natural resources and deep political divides, is thrown into chaos when the elected president goes missing and a paramilitary force known as “The Legion” seizes control of the countryside. Now, the President’s family has pulled together all their resources, including an arrangement with the powerful Adonis corporation, to hire a group of skilled mercenaries tasked with finding the President and bringing order back to the country.

In Jagged Alliance 3, select from a huge cast of mercenaries all with their own unique personalities, quirks, and backstories. Then go out and explore Grand Chien as you meet new people, earn money, grow your team, and ultimately make your own decisions that will decide the country’s fate.

Engage in rich, tactical turn-based combatRecruit from a large cast of unique mercenaries, including many familiar fan favoritesLoot, salvage, and customize an arsenal of weaponry and equipmentChoose from a wide array of special perks to customize your mercs as they level upDecide the fate of Grand Chien in an open RPG structureControl territory, train the locals, command multiple parties, and defend against enemy forces in an alive, active worldExperience the campaign with friends in online co-op modeGeek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, strategy heavyweight jagged alliance 3 is out now! , newsJagged Alliance 3 WebsiteGeek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, strategy heavyweight jagged alliance 3 is out now! , news

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