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Stellar Data Recovery Tool Review

Ever deleted any files you wish you hadn’t? Only to find that it is gone forever? Hastily freed up storage space only to regret it later? Need a solution to recover data you have deleted over time? 

If your answer to any of those questions comes as a resounding ‘Yes’, then Stellar Data Recovery Tool is exactly what you need to have today.

What is Stellar Data Recovery?

As a data restoration software, Stellar Data Recovery aims to discover and restore deleted files from your storage devices. This includes your hard disk drives (HDDs), your solid-state drive (SSDs), and your universal serial bus (USB) thumb drives. 

Similar to many other data recovery utilities, Stellar Data Recovery is also a premium program that comes with a paid license. But unlike many other programs, it has a Free Data Recovery version that allows you to recover up-to 1 GB of data absolutely free of cost.

Since we have all been in the hellscape of deleting files that we want to recover later, it’s natural to be curious about what Stellar Data Recovery has to offer. But seeing that you may not have the time to check out the software by yourself, we went ahead and reviewed the tool so you don’t have to. 

Here’s how Stellar Data Recovery holds up to real world use. 

Pro: It Boasts of an Intuitive Interface 

Once you download the Stellar Data Recovery tool and run it for the first time, the thing that immediately jumps out at you is the software’s intuitive user-interface. 

With clean lines and a modern design, the Stellar Data Recovery tool tells you exactly where to go and what to do to recover your files. This makes the tool a breeze to go through even if you don’t spend the whole day in front of your computer screen.

Pro: Its Recovery Process is Easy and Simple 

The Stellar Data Recovery process is designed to be as simple for beginners as it is for tech-savvy users. 

The software starts off by providing you with a list of file types that you may want to recover. This gives you an easy pathway to search for specific file types. 

The options that Stellar Data Recovery provides you are: 

  • All Files
  • Office Documents
  • Folders
  • Emails
  • Photos
  • Audio
  • Videos

This segmentation makes it simpler for you to find and recover the kind of files you need. 

Afterwards, you can easily pinpoint a location on your internal storage drive, or select any type of external storage device that’s connected to your computer. 

The software then starts a normal or a “Deep Scan”, and returns the results for you to pick and choose the files you want to restore. You can choose a location for the restored files so they don’t get lost in the void and can be found easily. 

Pro: It Has an Impressive Recovery Rate

The success rate of any data recovery software depends a lot on whether you have created, copied, or moved any new files to the freed-up space from where you deleted your original files. 

If you have populated the free space on your drive with new files, it diminishes the chances of completely recovering your deleted files. But in case you have not got a chance to reuse the empty storage space, it improves the possibility of your files being recovered. Even then, not all data recovery software is successful at detecting or restoring these files. 

Refreshingly, Stellar Data Recovery is able to restore files with a high success rate. During our test, we were able to easily restore files from as far back as 2015. The lucky coincidence of us not using the freed-up storage space worked in favor of Stellar Data Recovery. But the way that it recovered the files was still pretty impressive. 

Pro: You Can Preview Files and View Details At the Same Time

If you have some time, then you can begin your scan with the “Preview Mode” on. This lengthens the duration of your scan, but it allows you to preview your image, video, and media files before you restore them. 

Once again, this adds to the ease of use factor, and ensures that you are only restoring files you actually want. 

But you should keep in mind that turning this Preview Mode on can affect the speed of your scan, which leads us to the next point. 

Con: Recovery Can Take Some Time

Depending on the storage space and location that you are scanning with Stellar Data Recovery, the process to recover and restore files can be quite lengthy. 

Our personal test with about 1 GB worth of deleted data on a 16 GB thumb drive was completed within a minute. It should be noted that the drive we used was completely clean and free of any files. 

But seeing that not everyone will be working with such a small amount of deleted data or storage space, the process could take at least an hour or two to complete on the same size of storage drive that also has some existing files on it. 

In some cases, it could take twice or thrice the amount of time. It all depends upon the type of storage you use, the free space you have, and the amount of deleted data you have registered against the drive.

With that being said, this duration is in line with most commercial data recovery software. It would be difficult to find a shortened duration of data recovery if you want effective results out of your software.

Overall Verdict: Worth Having It On Your Computer

Seeing that the Stellar Data Recovery tool is simple to manage, easy to use, and quite effective at what it does, it deserves a home in your own hard drive. Whether you have deleted your files in the past or might do so in a moment of panic in the future, the software can help you restore important documents and precious memories in just a few steps. Remember that there is also a Free Data Recovery version using which you can recover up-to 1 GB of data absolutely free of cost. It’s worth giving it a try.

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