Moft Z- The Invisible Laptop Stand that Complements your WFH A- Game

Moft z invisible stand

Work From Home

So everyone is working from home. We’re trying to get used to some different ways of working while keeping our spirits up. Making sure to have the right home environment will of the utmost importance.

One company has released a product that could help to improve your work from home situation.

Introducing the Moft Z Invisible Desk

The Moft Z invisible desk lets you lift up your head, straighten your posture, and look confident as you spend your day at the top of your game. As devices evolve, we wonder why the workstations we keep them on have remained the same. To offer the most flexible posture, no matter where you are working, the Moft Z comes with a sit and stand adjustable desk.

The invisible desk is lightweight due to a combination of fiberglass and other materials that it is comprised of. It can be folded to make it paper thin so that you can store with the rest of your work stuff without it being too disruptive and in the way. You don’t want to have too much stuff on your desk interfering with your work environment.

If you use your laptop non stop at work, you would realize how taxing it can be on your back and your posture. With the Moft Z you have complete freedom to do as you please.

You can switch to multiple angles, and onlookers will not even notice what your laptop is perched on top of. You can use it at work, at home, or also when presenting to a small group when a larger screen is unavailable.

The structure is not detachable but shifts in shape. It is a one-piece tool, and nothing is required to set it up. Unfold it to use, and fold it back when not in use.

The ends have magnetic straps tied inside so as to ensure that once you have chosen a position the Moft Z will not waver under the weight of your laptop.

Not everyone is the same height, and that is why everyone has different levels of comfort; therefore, it adjusts to any angle that you set it to manually.

You can also both sit and stand as you please on the Z structure design of the Moft Z, giving your body a break from working in the same position for too long. When you do stand to work on your device, the structure offers your palms a natural height to work on. It further allows you to face the screen easily without any tension to the body. It helps to minimize eye strain as well.

At home, if you want to lounge around, the Moft Z lets you cozy up into a comfortable viewing position.

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    This is a very helpful article about laptops.
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