Meet Pam Meisl of Evolution Partners | Geek Out Virtual Con 2020

Pam meisl of evolution partners s coming to geek out virtual con 2020

Pam Meisl is the President of Evolution Partners and she has a depth of knowledge in building relationships within the insurance industry.

Many of our creative geeks would love to earn a living by selling books, art, or film, but the reality is that most of us need a primary income until our work becomes recognized.

Pam meisl is coming to geek out virtual con 2020

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Opportunities, not Obstacles.

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Pam meisl is coming to geek out virtual con

I believe independent agents deserve a level playing field, with the same growth advantages and resources large agencies enjoy.” – Pam Meisl

Each prospective agent (member) is personally trained by Evolution and managed closely to ensure a lasting relationship and smooth flow between carriers and agents.  

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