Learn to Code with Clicbot

Why Learning Coding the old fashioned Way?

The team behind Clicbot knows that more aspects of life are becoming automated. Indeed, software is eating the world. That creates demand for people who know how to automate components of life and can do so well. You can turn to coding programs like CodeUp or even Lambda School. Enthusiasts like yourself can even turn to traditional self study or use games like Clicbot to increase your knowledge of the coding world. Clicbot helps you to learn by doing.

Clicbot makes for a great addition to your family. The artificial intelligent bot reacts, thinks, and learns from guided movement. The playful design makes Clicbot an interesting companion. But there’s more. Remember that clicbot’s primary function is to make learning fun.

Clicbot is entirely at your disposal to code and build it. There are over a thousand setups, and each one comes with a unique combination of use cases. The configurations allow the bot to crawl, drive, walk on walls, draw, and dance.

If you teach it to, the Clicbot can do your chores for you like making coffee for you every morning and getting it to you while you are still in bed. Pretty cool, right? Want someone to fetch the remote? The Clicbot will do it. The various scenarios makes sure that the Clicbot keeps on engaging the user endlessly. It is part of what makes this robot one of a kind.

Clicbot and Modular Building Blocks

With modular building blocks, you can create a bot of any shape that interests you. With different attachments that allow for movement and capabilities, the Clicbot was designed by an award-winning designer, Carlos Baena.

Its interesting because of what it can do

Clicbot is an excellent way to learn to code. You can build a robot and get a grasp on robotics starting from the basics. You can record a sequence by manually moving your Clicbot, which it will then repeat. Another way around it is that you assign it directions towards which it will move.

Its coding interface uses a drag and drop technique. It was made based on Google’s Blockly. With plenty of sensors, the Clicbot can accomplish various things.  With the Clicbot, you have access to the Clicbot Academy, which gives you short video courses targeted towards adults and children alike. The sessions will teach you core concepts.

What Else?

Clicbot is socially aware.

It is comes with 200 varying reactions.

These are the setups you can see without having to code the robot for. The bot will get excited when you are about to charge like a child does when being handed candy, it will try to look for you when you cover its eye, meet you for a high five, and will nuzzle to your hand.

You can find the Clicbot project on Kickstarter and ship one home. The costs of the kit range from $299 to $699 or more. Pledge what you can and get a the bot!


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