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‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ Doesn’t Deserve the Flack It’s Getting

The last jedi

Many people are giving the new Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi, a lot of flack. However, I personally think it was one of the best ones yet, save for a couple of elements, such as an unnecessary plot line (but more on that later). 

Fans Are Annoyed By That Unnecessary Adventure

Many original trilogy Star Wars fans aren’t too jazzed about the new episode. After watching the movie (twice), it’s somewhat easy to see why. Many original trilogy fans miss the simplicity that this new movie definitely didn’t have, which brings me to one of the things this movie got wrong: too much was going on. For one thing, the entire story arc where Finn and Rose go on their little adventure was completely unnecessary and could have easily been taken out of the movie, creating a smoother film with less going on and more focus. There was also more focus on multiple characters and not enough focus on building one strong story with some fun side characters and action (there was that as well, but not enough, and it was overshadowed by the many plot lines and abundance of new characters). 

One of the greatest appeals of The Last Jedi was the main story of Rey and how she is tied with Kylo Ren. As director Rian Johnson said, these two are “two halves of one protagonist,” which makes their connected story all the more interesting. 

Did the “Reylo” Scenes Save the Film?

The series always has a pivotal romance that is essential to the future of the galaxy; could Kylo Ren and Rey be the next focal couple? The couple has been given the hashtag and couple name “Reylo,” and articles all over the web are sprouting theories about the future of these two (half) protagonists. The fates of both these characters are murky, and the tension between them is thick. Where the disappointing (and pretty pointless) storyline following Finn in The Last Jedi caused some lame points planted throughout the film, the “Reylo” scenes saved it (and don’t get me started on the epic battle scene at the end–best action sequence in Star Wars yet, in my personal opinion). 

To summarize, The Last Jedi had it all–hidden, forbidden romance as well as action and drama–and had great parts and not so great story arcs. Over all, it was a great film and doesn’t deserve the flack it has gotten.

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