Star Citizen: The Ultimate Sci-Fi Space Videogame

Star citizen: the ultimate sci-fi space videogame

If you’re a gamer, you may have played sci-fi MMOs and RPGs, first person shooters, or air/space dogfighting games. If you like the sci-fi genre, you may have watched movies like Star Trek and Star Wars and TV shows like Firefly. But I bet you’ve never played a videogame that combines all of those into one awesome, space simulation game. And that’s where Star Citizen comes in.

The PC Space Sim That Gamers Have Always Wanted

Exclusively for PCs, this videogame has been in the works for a few years. It’s not yet complete, as it is a massive, flagship project (pun intended). But when it is complete, it will include dozens of different spaceships, from huge cargo freighters to tiny starfighters. Its content-packed universe and fully fleshed-out planet surfaces will have huge exploration potential. There will be first-person shooter modes, advanced space flight, trading, upgrading, and so much more.

One of the best parts about this game is that it’s a gamer’s game through and through. Why is that? Because it is 100% crowd-funded. Star Citizen has broken crowd-funding records, and is still taking pledges in exchange for in-game rewards like spaceships, content packs, and merchandise. Chris Roberts, who created Wing Commander and Freelancer, is the mind behind this operation, and he is the man for whom Star Citizen‘s in-game, sci-fi “company,” Roberts Space Industries, is named. He and his team are designing this game for the players, and they want the players to determine its content and success. His vision is “I don’t want to build a game. I want to build a universe.” And build a universe he has. The first complete edition of Star Citizen will include 100 star systems to explore and interact with, a full economy, and details that will blow your mind.

Extensive Playability

Whether you want to be a fighter or a merchant or anything in between, you can play as you like, exploring and conquering, buying and selling, upgrading and improving. Participate in races, dogfights, mining operations, and alien encounters. Join factions, form alliances, and pick your ships’ crews. Play solo or with others. No matter how you play Star Citizen, you are free to make the experience your own.

It looks incredibly real, too. The in-game physics (including zero-g and g-forces!) are top-notch, and the graphics are gorgeous. But the game engine aside, the create-it-yourself storyline is mind-bogglingly realistic, as well. Star Citizen isn’t a casual game in which you respawn right next to another ship if yours blows up. Instead, there are consequences for every action and measures to take in order to maintain both your stuff and your health. You must take risks and plan strategically. You will build up your fleet of ships in your own hangar and work for success. Everything you do impacts both you and the world of the game. Take control and play the way you want.

More Awesomeness Is Yet to Come

There is way more to Star Citizen than just the things I have mentioned, however. As it is still in the works, a lot of the game is still being designed, produced, and revealed regularly, and that which has been revealed is already incredibly detailed. Some parts of Star Citizen are currently available to play, such as the Hangar Module, which is the player’s home base, and several flight and combat practice modules in which you can test out your ships. One thing is for sure: this game is going to be big and exciting for PC gamers everywhere.

Star Citizen, as previously stated, belongs to the players. If this game sounds appealing to you, then join in! Your feedback will only make Star Citizen better, and your participation will allow it to grow. Support has been deafening for this game, and for good reason. People want to see it “get off the ground.” So strap in and prepare for launch!

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