Sponsored Video: The Final Chapter of Bill’s Mystery

After months of mystery, adventure, and intriguing videos; the truth has finally come out. What happened with Bill? What did a kung-fu student and international spy have to do with it? All of us here at Geek Insider spent a lot of time chasing this mystery all the way to China and back. We knew there was someone behind it all.

Well, Geek Insider finally found out. We found out who the secret star behind it all.

The Final Video

Geek Insider received another USB in an unmarked envelope that came with the mail, and it had another video on it. It showed us the whole truth and nothing but the truth. The three people who had drawn us into this conspiracy are back, talking about their experience with a mysterious co-star.

The Mysterious Star

Dependable. Easy going. Gorgeous. That’s what this engineer, kung-fu student, and spy had to say about the star of this whole conspiracy.

What is this about, you ask? This is the new Siemens SIRIUS ACT series and it is the next generation of push buttons, replacing the old SIRIUS 3SB3 generation.

This new technology will really help you get things going. It’s simple with amazing performance and it is here now. The SIRIUS ACT is the only product line at the moment that has a complete and absolutely new portfolio of push and call buttons for easy, fast, and convenient handling. These are powerful buttons and switches to match up with equally powerful machines. You can rely on them for your critical operations and they are made with high quality material.

This is the next generation of push buttons.

Seriously though, Bill? Not even a phone call? We were worried.

This post has been sponsored, but concerns my own opinion and general outrage over Bill’s insensitivity.

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