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Sony’s PlayStation VR Headset to Be Released This Fall

It’s been 2 years since Sony’s PlayStation VR was announced at GDC 2014. Other VR headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift require a high-end gaming system to operate it. Sony’s PlayStation VR generated a lot of excitement because it’s powered by the PlayStation 4. Now they finally have a release date and more details on just about everything PlayStation VR.

Sony Corporation recently announced that its virtual reality headset will launch globally in October 2016. According to NBC NEWS, the retail price will be a mere $399. The retail price is a big move against its competitors that sell it for a few more hundreds of dollars. Andrew House, head of Sony’s gaming division, made the announcement for its release date and other details. It was made at a press event at the Video Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Oculus Rift also made its headset announcement a day earlier at the very same conference.

Sony’s PlayStation VR Model Features

Playstation vr setup, oculus rift

The headset will have a visor style frame with a 5.7-inch screen, reports NBC News. There will be a 1920×1080 full-HD LED display. It includes 360-degree head tracking and a 100-degree field of vision. A latency of 18 milliseconds between the time the player’s head moves and the time the desired image is seen will ensure the user gets a unique experience. Tech Advisor reports, “Sony’s virtual reality headset features a 120Hz refresh rate and thus has the potential to render games at 120fps, which is notably higher than the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive’s 90Hz offering.”

PlayStation VR Pricing

Playstation vr pricing announced: $399
Photo By: Noah Berger / Reuters

House’s announcement about the product also went into great detail about its pricing. He said he wanted the product to be released at a price point that works for everyone. Getting it to work for everyone encourages speedy and widespread adoption of the PlayStation VR headset. “We firmly believe getting the price right is crucial to driving consumer adoption of any new technology,” House explained.

PlayStation VR Gaming Content

Besides price, another factor that will be beneficial to consumers is the wide array of gaming content offered. Some titles that will be set to launch this Fall include Ubisoft’s Eagle Fight and Werewolves Within. The company said there are over 230 developers building content for the PlayStation VR headset. Fifty games are said to be launched by PlayStation’s VR’s launch date. Sony is also teaming up with development companies EA Sports and Lucasfilm for a Star Wars battlefront game that will be exclusive to the PlayStation VR. Here are a few current games that will be compatible with the PlayStation VR provided by Tech Advisor:

Atom Universe; Adrift; ARK: Survival Evolved; Among the Sleep; The Assembly; Battlezone; The Deep; Dreams; EVE: Valkyrie; Futuridium; Get Even; GNOG; Godling; Harmonix Music VR; Headmaster; Jurassic Encounter; Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes; Kitchen (demo); Loading Human; The London Heist; Mind: Path to Talamus; Omega Agent; Paranormal Activity VR; The Playroom VR; Project CARS; Q.U.B.E.²; RIGS: Mechanized Combat League; Summer Lesson; Superhypercube; Surgeon Simulator; Synthesis Universe; Technolust; Trackmania Turbo; Vanguard V; VizionEck; War Thunder; Wayward Sky; World War Toons.

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