Sony Xperia Z Tablet and LG Optimus Pro G Revealed

Xperia Z tablet; Water and Dust Proof

Recently, Sony has been dishing out some quality devices like their latest phone, Xperia Z; revealed at CES a couple of days back. Xperia Z is a Water resistant and dust-proof phone, totally one of its kind device. Well, Sony’s at it again and they’ve released another device, this time a 10-inch tablet dubbed as Xperia Z tablet. The Z tablet is also manufactured from the same plastic used on the Z phone, making it a water resistant and dust proof tablet.


The Xperia Z tablet is an Android powered 10-inch tablet that’s only 6.9mm-thick, making it the thinnest Android tablet. It’s even thinner than the iPad Mini despite its larger display size.
Sony hasn’t revealed more info on the tab yet but as far as we know it plans to launch the device in Japan. Next month, MWC will be held in Barcelona, so chances are Sony might announce the device’s global availability there.


LG Optimus Pro G; Another Phablet to Take on Galaxy Note 2

In addition to Sony’s announcement of the the Xperia Z tablet, LG has also unveiled a new “phablet” and the successor to its Optimus G known as “LG Optimus Pro G”. It is a 5” Android powered handset, and a direct competitor to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 and HTC’s J Butterfly (Droid DNA).

The Optimus Pro G sports a 5” screen with 440 ppi, same as that of HTC J Butterfly. LG has also limited the release of the device to Japan only but we’re hoping that MWC will bring something for all Android fans around the world. The display will be full HD 1080p, that looks surprisingly beautiful but it’ll also be a battery hog. So, LG has put in a 3,000 mAh battery to fulfill the needs of the display.

Both these devices have appealing specs and style. We’re sure that Android fans will love these, only if the manufacturer decide to release these devices globally.

What are your thoughts on the Xperia Z tablet. Do you think Water and Dust proof are qualities to gloat about?

What about LG’s Optimus Pro G. Do you think 1080p Displays look any different from 720p, practically?


  1. Avatar Grant Lanzalotto says:

    5″ is not a phablet, it’s a phone.

    1. I understand what you’re trying to say but 5″ is where the phablet territory begins.

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