ES File Explorer: Best File Manager for your Android Phone

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There is no default file manager that comes with an Android phone. Google probably felt that file managers are rarely used these days, but that’s certainly not my thinking. I am sure many of those reading this article would have loved to get a file manager for their Android phone and for them, ES File Explorer is the best option. The app is free, so that makes it even better.

Basic File Management

It’s not another simple lightweight mobile app. I actually consider it to be more powerful than desktop based file management systems such as Windows Explorer. It has all the basic file management functions like performing operations on a single file or folder, just by tapping it for long. The operations include: Cut, Copy, Paste, View Properties, Move etc. The same can be done by tapping multiple files or folders as well.

Using ES File Explorer, you can even perform the Android specific functions such as sharing files-folders, opening files in an already installed app or creating shortcuts to files or folders displayable on the home screen of your phone. You can search for files in your phone and if the phone is rooted, you can even browse through all the files deep inside your phone.

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Remote File Management

Through the ES File Explorer, you can use SMB protocol and access files on your local computer.
You can open the LAN section of this app and then scan for all the shared files available on the LAN. Just like traditional Windows file sharing, you can copy files from your system to Android or vice versa.
You can connect to numerous cloud storage devices such as Amazon S3, Google Drive, Dropbox, Yandex, Microsoft SkyDrive, Ubuntu One etc.

The app has an integrated FTP client so you can download or upload files. You can also manage different types of files through the Bluetooth system of the app. Copying or pasting files between two Bluetooth devices is so much easier with ES File Explorer.

Other Available Features

You can compress large files and also decompress the same. Password protection feature is available as well.
You can install, uninstall, categorize or create backups of all the applications in your phone. You’ll find built-in file viewers within this app and through that, you can see images, music, documents, files or other types of files as well.

I just love the built-in text editor of ES File Explorer. You can use this editor to even write something to the root file system. However, if you are not aware of Android OS and how it works, this is something you should refrain from doing. I really cannot think of any cons of ES File Explorer. Well, the user interface is a bit outdated but the functions that it completes cover that up.