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7 Apps to Keep You in the Know, While You’re on the Go

When you’re traveling, whether it is to home from work or the other way around, you don’t want time spent on the journey to be wasted. Whether it’s just a 20 minute ride or a 20 hour flight across the world; everybody wants a bit of entertainment and/or interesting information to keep their time well occupied. Well, luckily we have crafted a list of apps that will keep you up to date with the latest happenings around you, while you’re on the go. With these apps on your device, the time spent in a commute can be a lot of fun and even educational.

Check out the list below and feel free to share any apps that you think deserve to be on the list.


Ted confrence
With the official Ted app on your device, you’ll be able to enjoy the best and inspiring speeches from the greatest minds of the world. This will help you get out of your commuting lag and broaden your knowledge. You’ll be amazed by the number of talks and speeches delivered by the most gripping personalities of the world. So, just sit back and put in your headphones and enjoy your ride.


Android app radiolab
Fan of radio? Well, RadioLab brings you the best radio podcasts from one of the top radio shows. This show is broadcasted over 300 different radio stations across the nation and brings you a knowledgeable stream of energy. You can listen to all the podcasts from the show, from oldest to the newest with just a tap.

Google Reader

Android app google reader


So, you’re a blog junkie? You like keeping tabs on all the latest news on several blogs and websites; but during travels it isn’t possible to go through each website. So, this app gives you the ability to sync your Google Reader account and deliver all the latest feed from your subscribed blogs to your device. You won’t miss any breaking news again with this useful app.


Flipboard app android
If you think Reader isn’t your cup of tea then Flipboard will surely win over your heart, because it doesn’t only show you the top stories from around the globe; but also syncs with your social networks, (Facebook, Twitter) to show you the latest stuff that has been shared with you in the Social world. You can also use this app to search for stories that aren’t available in your feed.

Sound Gecko

Soundgeko app
Maybe you want to multitask during your commute? Do you want to read an article and do something else at the same time as well? Sound Gecko is you answer then. It reads any article out loud for your convenience while you work on something else. You just have to send the URL of the specific article to the app and it will read it out loud to your headphones (Speakers) while you perform any other task.

Catch Notes

Catch notes android apps
This app helps you capture all of your ideas, not directly from your mind though. During a long flight or even on a ride from work to home, your mind keeps churning out these amazing ideas that you mostly forget when you reach your destination. Well, not anymore because this app makes it easy for you to write down those ideas, and it will send those amazing ideas to your email, so you can ponder over those ideas in your leisure time.

Any. Do app for android
Want to pay bills, buy groceries, get a haircut or maybe buy a gift for your significant other’s birthday? Well, helps you keep your work schedule organized in one place. You can either type or speak into the app, what you want to do and it will remind you at the exact time you want it to. Never miss anything important again with on your device.

You may choose one or more of these apps for your use. Do let us know what apps you have already installed on your device and what you are planning to install. Is there any app you would like to be added to the list?

Shoot us a comment below.