Know Whats Below With Delta’s Interactive ‘Glass Bottom Jet’ App Feature


As crappy an experience as flying has become recently due to airport chaos, baggage restrictions, and, of course, those ubiquitous TSA pat downs that leave you feeling somewhat violated, there is a new bright spot on the horizon that could make your trip way more fun than usual, even if there is a TSA agent hand in your trousers. There’s a catch, though. You have to be flying Delta Airlines.

Delta recently released an iPad app that might make your trip a little less grueling, or at least it might give you something to look forward to once you get through security.  It has some great features that are extremely helpful in navigating the flight-booking/boarding process. The new Delta app also sports a not-so-conventional feature that allows passenger to see exactly what they are flying over at any given time, as well as other information like altitude and speed. It will even source photos, Wikipedia articles and Facebook data; all of which comes together to let you know exactly what is going on down there.
What better way to pass the time on your next flight than to ‘see’ exactly where you are with Delta’s flight tracker? The flight stats could be very entertaining as well, especially for those novice flyers, because if seeing that you are hurtling through space at 500 miles per hour while, like, 8 miles above the earth, on your iPad screen doesn’t really bring your trip to life, then nothing will.

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In addition to the ‘glass bottom jet’ feature, the new Delta app touts these abilities as well:

  • Find, Compare, and Book Flights- Sort of like that gnome, but way less annoying, the app lets you book flights through Delta, right on your iPad.
  • Check-in- Because checking in in-person sucks, this app does it for you! You can even download an e-Boarding Pass and forget the ‘Business Center’ printer at your hotel.
  • Monitor your luggage- There is nothing, and I mean nothing, like having lost luggage…especially when you have paid out-the-you-know-what to have it checked. Lucky for Delta customers, their new app lets you pay for your checked luggage and track its location, so you know the moment it hits the carousel.
  • Find your car- This feature had me all “Nowaygetout! That is so awesome”. Delta’s new app prompts passengers to snap a photograph with their phone of the location where they parked. Whether it be a landmark or one of those parking lot section signs, you’ll never have to deal with coming back from two weeks in the Bahamas and having to search for your car. Delta saves the photo inside the app for easy access.

Delta recently upgraded the app again to include additional features as well. With an app like this, flying might not be so bad after all. Now, if it could only get me a bigger cocktail…